Gordon Farrell

Developer Biography

Gordon Farrell is an award-winning scenario designer who has worked for Stainless Steel Studios and BreakAway Games, as well as being a member of the beta staff for Tilted Mill productions. His custom design work includes many of the most highly-rated RTS and City Builder scenarios on the Internet and can be downloaded at Heaven’s Gaming Sites. Magazines such as Computer Gaming World and PC Gamer have singled out his work as best in the field, and have included it on their compilation CDs. His award-winning mods for Caesar IV were also featured in the German video game magazines PC Action Games and PC Games Extended. A professional screenwriter and playwright, Gordon holds an MFA from Yale University. His book on dramatic theory, "The Power of the Playwright’s Vision," was published by Heinemann Press in 2001. He is a long-time member of the screenwriting and playwriting faculty at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts as well as having been appointed six times as a Visiting Lecturer in screenwriting at Yale University. In 2007 he inaugurated a series of classes in Narrative Theory for Electronic Games at NYU. Gordon has also worked as Lead Writer for Reverie World Studios on their RTS, Dawn of Fantasy, published in 2011. In their "Working as Intended" series, MMO Gamer interviewed him on his role in the development of Dawn of Fantasy, the subject of video games as art, and the future of the video gaming industry. Gordon is currently Lead Writer for Reverie World Studios' new RTS, Kingdom Wars II, to be published 2014. His voice over company, Alternate Worlds, will also provide voice tracks for Kingdom Wars II.

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