Keri Gunn

Developer Biography

Keri always loved art as a kid and knew she wanted to do something artistic when she grew up, she just didn’t know what! She studied art at GCSE level then went on to A Level. Half way through the course, Brendan (senior programmer at Rare and also Keri's big brother) said that they were looking for artists there. She didn’t have a CLUE what she’d be doing and had no idea about computer games at the time but she thought she’d give it a go anyway. That was way back in 1989 when Keri was just 17.

So she joined Rare working as a graphics assistant, which basically meant doing a bit of everything, from title screens, 2d backgrounds, animation, 2d sprites, decoding graphics, making cups of tea for everyone (thankfully they only employed about 20 people in those days) and even fetching chips from the chippy on Fridays. Soon the company started to grow and they had a full time decoder so she was able to work solely on graphics.

Over the years she has worked on over 40 titles on many different platforms (NES, SEGA, SNES, Gameboy, N64, Gameboy Color, GBA, DS, and XBOX 360). Keri's biggest claim to fame would have to be her work on the famous DK titles. Two years ago she was thrown into the world of full time animating by joining AGG (Art Asset Group). Since then she has animated characters for Pinata 2 and Banjo 2 (look out for Jolly’s running man dance when you play this).

Contributed by Keri Gunn (5) on Aug 06, 2008.