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Massimiliano Pagani

Developer Biography

After having worked for an international company, writing Java application and administering internet connections with Linux, Massimiliano Pagani, in 1999, joined the then opening UbiStudios Milan.

Chief engine architect in 1999 for Rayman GBC, led a team of two developers, interacting with tools&editors teams and game designers to create a top quality engine matching the needs. The Rayman GBC engine was reused for Formula 1 Racing Championship, Donald Duck going Quackers, The Jungle Book, Rayman 2 GBC and has been ported to PDAs for Rayman PDA. Rayman GBC shipped in Q1 2000 and left UK top 20 after about 90 weeks.

Lead programmer in 2000 for Donald Duck going Quackers (GBC) (european title is "Donald Duck Quack Attack), while coordinating a team of three developers, he worked on behaviours and engine extensions. Donald Duck brought on the high quality standards sets by Rayman GBC proving the power and flexibility on the GBC Engine.

Lead programmer and engine architect in 2001 for Rainbow Six - Rogue Spear (GBA). Leading a team of six developers worked on engine and tools. The engine developed for this project was able to run several enemies with advanced AI and pathfinding features, acting in a 3D world with line of sights and Fog of War, providing multiplayer, stealth and action missions. The same engine was reused for "Sum of all Fears GBA", "The Mummy GBA" and "Tomb Raider the Prophecy GBA", while a significant part of it was used for "Batman Vengeance GBA", "Sabrina the Witch GBA", "Donald Duck GBA", "Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon GBA"

Lead programmer in 2002 for The Mummy (GBA) and Tomb Raider the Prophecy (GBA). Coordinating two teams of 3 programmers each. Starting from Rogue Spear GBA engine, new features were added to implement a combat-RPGish game in one case and isometric-platform adventure in the other.

Lead programmer in 2003 for porting Beyond Good & Evil to XBox. Working in close contact with the team of the PS2 reference version, Massimiliano Pagani led a team of 4 programmers in adapting the existing engine and optimize it to exploit the XBox features.

Contributed by Massimiliano Pagani (3) on Dec 15, 2003.