Ty Brenneman

Developer Biography

Ty started modeling when a music video director noticed she would look better in front of the camera than fetching water for his crew. Her first appearance in anything was this AKWID music video, and it changed her life. Within a year, she was auditioning for videos that put her in the leading role. She won the role of one of four female leads in Paul Minor's video for QOTSA ("3's and 7's"). She was cast in an ad for Pieuvre Armement which plays at the beginning of Metal Gear Solid 4. Her face is the first thing you see when you press play. In 2008, she worked with Tarsem and Paul Laufer on a Mercedes-Benz commercial that showed her how a director can work with his DP, and this inspired her to learn more about behind-the-camera work. Since this beginning, Ty has been in over 50 music videos, 20 commercials, 15 feature films, and 10 print ads. In 2011, she wrote, directed, and performed in a short film that is currently being edited as a trailer. Her inspirations are Kevin Costner, Meryl Streep, and her father. She hopes to attend law school and publish two of her non-fiction books in the coming years.

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