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Wayne Imlach

Developer Biography

Wayne Imlach started his career in the games industry in 1995 as a tester at Bullfrog, eventually working on Theme Hospital (PC & PS1) as lead tester and designer. Wayne left Bullfrog shortly after the release of Theme Hospital, and moved to Psygnosis (SCEE) in Leeds, where he worked on Stunt Dudes (shelved), Retro Force (PS1) and Wip3out (PS1) before returning to Guildford and the ex-Bullfrog led Muckyfoot, to work on Startopia (PC). After the release of Startopia, Wayne moved out to Angel Studios in California to work on Spyhunter 2 (PS2, GC & Xbox). During the 18 months at the company, Wayne temporarily held the position of Game Design Director, but moved back to the UK in 2003 after the takeover by Rockstar.

The following year was spent at Climax London working on a couple of projects, notably Blackhawk Down (Xbox) and 'The Final Option' (PS2, Xbox & PC). The untimely redundancy of the team working on the latter project sent Wayne travelling once more, eventually landing in Dublin and ultimately Popcap Games International, where he designed games for PC and mobile phones.

In 2009 Wayne left Popcap Games International, and after a hiatus of a year co-founded SuperFunPlay in 2010 with a small team of former work colleagues.

Wayne Imlach has also written articles on game design for Gamasutra and Charles River Media.

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