Len Hjalmarson

Developer Biography

Len began flying flight sims with Falcon in 1987 and by 1993 was writing online reviews. He joined the beta test team for DiDs EF2000, then the Janes' Longbow beta team, and then with Doug Helmer founded Combatsim.com, an online magazine dedicated to combat simulations, around 1996. Combatsim.com gathered a dedicated group of writers/gamers, and was thriving until the dotcom crash. The forums stayed active for years after.

Around 2000 Len left Combatsim.com and went to Thrustmaster where he helped with marketing the HOTAS Cougar. In 2002 he founded Combatplanes Inc., developing an expansion package for IL2 Sturmovik. Combatplanes followed that product with D-Day for Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator 3. A series of products followed, including Seawolves for Silent Hunter 3

Around 2004 Combat Planes moved into the Flight Simulator X arena. Eurofighter was the first project, followed by a series of mission packs for a variety of aircraft. Most of the mission packs were marketed directly through Aerosoft. Combat Planes was retired in 2012.

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