J. S. Gilbert

Developer Biography

J.S. Gilbert has been a voice actor for over 20 years. He is represented in San Francisco by the Stars Agency . He has performed voices on over 400 interactive titles and games. He is the voice of Zorro on the upcoming Zorro: Sword of Destiny for the wii and he is featured in the soon to be released X-Blades. J.S. is also a featured actor in Sam and Max, Art of Murder, Kane and Lynch and received accolades for his performance in Twisted Metal: Black as the voice of Sweet Tooth.

J.S. also casts, directs and produces dialog for games, toons, internet, commercials, voice mail and anything that can talk. He is currently co-writing and co-producing the dialog for a Paramount Interactive game and also directed talent for Huxley, Sun: Soul of the Ultimate Nation and Rune 2.

J.S. is the latest voice for Papa Smurf and is frequently hired to perform sound alike work to fill in for actors who are ill, busy or incapacitated. Some of his better known sound alike work has been as the voice of Herme from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Isaac Hayes, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Contributed by Robert Gilbert (1) on Apr 11, 2001. [revised by : Robert Gilbert (1)].