Andy Schatz

Developer Biography

Andy Schatz is a veteran of the console/PC video game world. He is responsible for the first ever Xbox Live implementation (Whacked!), the first title to use Electronic Arts multiplatform (PS2, Xbox) online console implementation (Golden Eye: Rogue Agent), as well as game code, complex AI, and game design for a number of titles (Star Trek: Hidden Evil, Whacked!, Medal of Honor: Breakthrough).

Andy started Pocketwatch Games in January 2005. He designed, engineered, managed and contributed art to the acclaimed indie title, Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa. Venture Africa, a strategic ecosystem simulator, was built in 10 months for $8000 dollars in conjunction with a global team of artists. It is downloadable for the PC and Mac as well as available in retail stores. Venture Africa went on to merit nominations for the Grand Prize at both the 2006 Independent Games Festival and the 2006 Slamdance Festival.

Currently, Andy is working on Venture Arctic, the second game in the Venture series of ecosystem sim games.

Contributed by Andy Schatz (14) on Jan 24, 2007.