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Atari 50

Paul Schuytema

Developer Biography

[Producer, Designer, Boss] Paul has been involved in game and software production since the early 1980s (with early programming and design work on the TRS-80 Model 1, Apple II and Atari 800 for publishers like Rocklan and Guinness), and has designed a number of exciting games over the years.
Paul holds a terminal graduate degree in writing, and has also worked as a college instructor. He has authored over a dozen books and has published over 200 articles on general technology, gaming and game design. In recent years, he has been the contributing editor for game design for Computer Gaming World, the lead designer for MechWarrior 3 and the producer/designer of Prey.
Paul was also the "Citizen of the Year" for Monmouth in 2004 and plays guitar every Thursday for open-mic night. Oh, and he's also a great boss.

From the Magic Lantern 'About Us' web page

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