Kerrigan Mahan

Developer Biography

Kerrigan Mahan has been working in the entertainment industry for over thirty years. His career started as an actor. Kerrigan appeared in numerous television shows, commercials and movies. He has directed and written both screenplays and plays.

For the last twenty years the majority of his work has been in voice over. From behind the microphone, he has been heard being strangled, chased, run over, slugged, stabbed, shot, and set on fire. He has been heard on over two hundred radio and television commercials. Mahan’s voice over work began in the oft-misunderstood and highly invisible world of dubbing foreign language films. He has dubbed hundreds of movies and Japanese cartoons into English. He was one of the pioneers in the ever popular world of anime. Some might remember him as Private Sean Phillips from the 1980’s anime hit, “Robotech”. From there, he began directing dubbed foreign films and anime.

He has voice-matched numerous stars, and, unfortunately, has replaced, (dubbing in his voice), more actors performances than he would like to admit. He is one of the very few voice over actors that works in all categories of voice over. He has gained a reputation over the years for being the consummate utility voice, while at the same time, having established a strong and recognizable signature voice.

Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Sep 14, 2005.