Michael J. Riedel

Developer Biography

Michael J. Riedel, President of Riedel Software Productions, Inc. Game Designer, Programmer.

With over 15 years in the video game business, Riedel has worked on over 50 titles. He has consulted for many publishers, licensors, and other development teams. He has pioneered such innovations as digitized video and software speech. His award winning games have featured Digitized Visual Action’, Simulvision & Simulplay’, and RSPeech’.

Riedel began writing video games while attending the Rochester Institute of Technology. In 1982 he joined Atari as a Game Designer/Programmer and adapted the arcade hit Robotron 2084 to the Atari 2600. A true creative talent, Riedel's first major international hit was Spy vs Spy, of Mad Magazine. For this award-winning original game, Riedel was the game designer, programmer, and artist.

As an independent game developer, he formed Riedel Software Productions in 1986. Since then, he has designed and developed many other original games based on major licenses, including, among others, characters from Sesame Street, Warner Bros., the Walt Disney Company, and the World Wrestling Federation.

He has also been a leader in creating game development systems (hardware & software) for video game machines and computer systems. These development systems have been used by other publishers and development companies.

In 1991, Riedel and Vincent Desiderio relocated to Tucson, Arizona, and incorporated RSP.

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