Adrian Cummings

Developer Biography

Starting out in late 1989 as Mutation Software and moving on from a background in the UK heating and ventilation industry as a software engineer, Adrian Cummings produced many computer game titles for Amiga and Atari ST as an independent developer published by the likes of Core Design etc. and later went on to work alongside larger developers as a freelance 3rd party programmer/artist and designer for studios such as Images Design, Climax Group, Pocket Studios, eGames, Xing Interactive and many other names in the industry on a range of titles, consoles and handhelds.

After 15 years trading Mutation Software came to an end in 2004 and in 2005 thru 2006 a new business emerged of which Adrian is the Founder and Owner, named Mobile Amusements (incorporating Software Amusements) currently supplying games content as an independent developer to app stores, portals and distributors around the globe.

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