Vince Desi

Developer Biography

Vince Desi's held a variety of jobs: driving a cab, running a recording studio, throwing parties at New York clubs, working as a headhunter on Wall Street.

While scouting for workers in the computer field, Desi got involved with Atari, the company that first brought game consoles into homes in the late 1970s. He struck up a friendship with one of his recruits, Mike Riedel, who had recently dropped out of the Rochester Institute of Technology. When Atari ran into financial problems, Desi helped Riedel launch a company, Riedel Software Productions, to create computer games for licensed properties. Riedel handled the creative end of RSP, overseeing programming, artwork and game design, while Desi handled business matters.

The first gig was designing a Spy vs. Spy game for Mad magazine in 1985. That success led to a steady stream of work designing children's games for Sesame Street, Hanna-Barbera, Walt Disney, Warner Bros. and the World Wrestling Federation, among others.

In 1992 he relocated to Tucson, AZ, where in 1997 he and several key players started the company known as RWS, aka Running with Scissors, to make a game designed for adults. From these beginnings, the game Postal was created.

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