Phillip Trumbo

Developer Biography

Phil Trumbo is an Emmy Award-winning creative consultant and art director of highly successful games and broadcast entertainment. His unique art management style combines an extensive background in classical animation, film and television with digital media tools. His vision is at once imaginative, dynamic, playful and inventive, producing engaging and visually rich works.

In the past ten years Trumbo provided artistic direction to nearly one hundred high-profile games at Amaze Entertainment, with retail sales over one billion dollars on virtually every gaming platform: PC, Nintendo’s DS™, Game Boy Advance®, Wii™, Sony’s PSP™ and PlayStation®2; and Microsoft’s Xbox 360™. . Properties include- Pirates of the Caribbean™, Chronicles of Narnia™, Lord of the Rings™, Harry Potter ™”, Shrek™, “Spiderman™, The Sims™, Star Wars™, Lego™, Finding Nemo™, “X-Men™ and Ice Age

Publishers include- Electronic Arts®, Activision Inc. ®, Buena Vista Games®, Vivendi Universal Games® & THQ®.

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