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Ben Daglish

Also Known As

  • Ben Dalglish
  • Benn Daglish
  • Ben Dagleash
  • Benn

Game Credits


Touché: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer (1995)   (Additional Programming by)
Heroes of the Lance (1989)   (Programming team)
Skate Crazy (1988)   (By)


Platypus II (2007)   (Music)
C64 Classix (2005)   (Track2 "The Last Ninja (lv1 extended remix)", originally composed by)
Maziac (2005)   (Music)
Platypus (2002)   (Level Boss Music 1, excerpt from "Trap")
Monty on the Norm (2001)   (Music - "Auf Wiedersehen Monty" by)
Revenge of the Mutant Camels II (2001)   (Arranged from the C64 original by)
Chronicles of the Sword (1996)   (Music)
Druid: Daemons of the Mind (1995)   (Music)
Rapid Assault (1995)   (Original Music)
Touché: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer (1995)   (Music by)
Legends of Valour (1992)   (Audio)
Motörhead (1992)   (Music)
Axel's Magic Hammer (1990)   (Music by)
Corporation (1990)   (Music by)
Greg Norman's Shark Attack!: The Ultimate Gol... (1990)   (Audio)
Hot Rod (1990)   (Sound)
Super Cars (1990)   (Music)
Blasteroids (1989)   (Music)
Butcher Hill (1989)   (Music by)
Continental Circus (1989)   (Music by)
Emilio Butragueño 2 (1989)   (Music)
Federation (1989)   (Music)
Footballer of the Year 2 (1989)   (Audio)
Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot! (1989)   (Music by)
H.A.T.E: Hostile All Terrain Encounter (1989)   (Music)
John Lowe's Ultimate Darts (1989)   (Music)
The Munsters (1989)   (Music by)
Passing Shot (1989)   (Music and sound)
Prison (1989)   (Music)
The Real Stunt Experts (1989)   (Music by)
Super Scramble Simulator (1989)   (Sound)
Switchblade (1989)   (Music)
Artura (1988)   (Music by)
Blood Brothers (1988)   (Music)
Cosmic Relief: Prof. Renegade to the Rescue (1988)   (Music by)
Dark Fusion (1988)   (Music)
The Flintstones (1988)   (Music)
Gary Linekers Superskills (1988)   (Music)
Mickey Mouse: The Computer Game (1988)   (Music)
NorthStar (1988)   (Music)
Pac-Mania (1988)   (Music arranged by)
Skate Crazy (1988)   (Music)
Supersports: The Alternative Olympics (1988)   (Music by)
VENOM Strikes Back (1988)   (Music)
3D Galax (1987)   (Music by)
720º (1987)   (Music by)
Auf Wiedersehen Monty (1987)   (Music by)
Basil the Great Mouse Detective (1987)   (Music)
Bulldog (1987)   (Music by)
Coil Cop (1987)   (Music by)
Deathscape (1987)   (Music by)
Death Wish 3 (1987)   (Music by)
Deflektor (1987)   (Music by)
Duel Master: Blood Valley (1987)   (Music by (uncredited))
Gauntlet II (1987)   (Title Music)
Gauntlet: The Deeper Dungeons (1987)   (Music)
Jack the Nipper... II in Coconut Capers (1987)   (Music)
Krakout (1987)   (Music by)
The Last Ninja (1987)   (Original music)
MASK (1987)   (Music)
Rampage (1987)   (Music by)
Re-Bounder (1987)   (Music and FX by)
Return of the Mutant Camels (1987)   (Music Arranged by)
Sports-A-Roni (1987)   (Music)
Tour de Force (1987)   (Music)
Wizard Warz (1987)   (Music (uncredited))
Ark Pandora (1986)   (Music by)
Cobra (1986)   (Music by)
Footballer of the Year (1986)   (Music by)
Harvey Headbanger (1986)   (Music)
Jack the Nipper (1986)   (Score by)
Trap (1986)   (Music)
Black Thunder (1985)   (Music)
Gauntlet (1985)   (Music)
The Vikings (1985)   (Music)
William Wobbler (1985)   (Music by)
Percy the Potty Pigeon (1984)   (Musician)

Quality Assurance

Legends of Valour (1992)   (Playtesting)

Creative Services

Legends of Valour (1992)   (Additional Documentation)
Greg Norman's Shark Attack!: The Ultimate Gol... (1990)   (Manual text)


Collisions (2015)   (Thanks to)
NorthStar (1988)   (Special thanks to (without whom...))


Deflektor X4 (2006)   (Original game)

Developer Biography

Ben Daglish also worked on Touché: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer with Sarah Bradnock, as Susan de Nimes.

Daglish died from lung cancer on October 1, 2018 at age 52.

Last updated: Oct 25, 2018

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