Shawn Bird

Game Credits


Drama Queens (2009)   (3D Artists)
The Tale of Despereaux (2008)   (Additional Artists)
Maximum Pool (2000)   (Visual Design)
3-D Ultra Radio Control Racers (1999)   (Graphic Design)
Front Page Sports: Trophy Rivers (1997)   (Art Directors)
Turbo Learning: Mega Math (1993)   (Background & Character Design)
Quarky & Quaysoo's Turbo Science (1992)   (Characters & Backgrounds)

Public Relations

Return of the Incredible Machine: Contraptions (2000)   (Box Art)

Creative Services

Lode Runner On-Line: The Mad Monks' Revenge (1995)   (Manual Writers)
Bouncers (1994)   (Manual Layout)
The Incredible Machine 2 (1994)   (Manual Layout & Design)
The Incredible Machine (1994)   (Manual Design)
The Incredible Toon Machine (1994)   (Manual Design)
Lode Runner: The Legend Returns (1994)   (Manual Layout and Design)
Aces Over Europe (1993)   (Flight Illustrations)
The Even More! Incredible Machine (1993)   (Manual Writing)
The Incredible Machine (1993)   (Manual Writing)
Sid & Al's Incredible Toons (1993)   (Manual, Poster & Trading Cards Design)
Aces of the Pacific (1992)   (Illustrations & Maps)
The Adventures of Willy Beamish (1991)   (Manual Design)
Heart of China (1991)   (Layout)
Nova 9: The Return of Gir Draxon (1991)   (Illustration)


Field & Stream: Trophy Bass 3D (1999)   (Past Contributor)

Developer Biography

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