Wes Cherry

Game Credits


Pipe Dream (1991)   (Pipe Dream by)


Microsoft Windows XP (included games) (2001)   (Microsoft Solitaire Version 5.1 developed for Microsoft by)
Microsoft Windows 98/98SE (included games) (1998)   (Microsoft Solitaire developed for Microsoft by)
Microsoft Solitaire (1990)   (Developed By)

Developer Biography

Wes Cherry is only known in the game industry for what is arguably the most distributed, most used software in the history of software. Cherry created Solitaire in 1989 while working as an intern for Microsoft.

Solitaire was a self-initiated project by which he hoped to hone his programming skills and to make for his own enjoyment a diversion that would run on the then-new operating system called Windows. Some program manager in the Windows group saw it and decided to release it with Windows 3.0.

Due to U.S. laws, Microsoft could acquire Solitaire without the obligation to pay a royalty. Cherry had no MBA protection nor the collective clout of fellow software creators belonging to a union. Thus, no royalties. If only he had received a penny per copy...

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