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atari mania

Francesco Carlà

Also Known As

  • F. Carlà

Game Credits


Dylan Dog: La Regina delle Tenebre (1992)   (Director (Direttore Responsabile))


Dylan Dog: Through the Looking Glass (1993)   (Presented by)
Time Runners 1: The Door of Time (1993)   (Produced by)
3D World Boxing (1992)   (Produced by)
3D World Soccer (1992)   (Produced and Directed by)
Dylan Dog: Murderers (1992)   (Produced by)
I Play: 3D Tennis (1992)   (Presented by)
Italian Night 1999 (1992)   (Produced By (Una Produzione di))
1000 Miglia (1991)   (Produced by)
500cc Motomanager (1991)   (Presented by)
Basket Playoff (1991)   (Produced by)
Big Game Fishing (1991)   (Produced by)
Formula 1 3D (1991)   (Presented by)
Formula 1 3D: F.1 Manager II (1991)   (Produced by)
G.P. Tennis Manager (1991)   (Produced by)
I Play: 3-D Soccer (1991)   (Produced by)
I Play: Football Champ. (1991)   (Presented by)
The Basket Manager (1990)   (Produced by)
F.1 Manager (1989)   (Directed by (Diretto da))
Italy '90 Soccer (1988)   (Produced by)
Simulgolf (1988)   (Presented by)
Bocce (1987)   (Presented by)


Soccer Champ (1998)   (Designed, produced and directed by (Ideato, prodotto e diretto da))
3D World Soccer (1992)   (Concept)
Dylan Dog: La Regina delle Tenebre (1992)   (Presented by (Francesco Carlà presenta))
I Play: 3D Tennis (1992)   (Ideation)
500cc Motomanager (1991)   (Directed by)
I Play: 3-D Soccer (1991)   (Presented by)


Italian Night 1999 (1992)   (Subject (Soggetto))

Developer Biography

Francesco Carla', 46 years old, is a journalist, entrepreneur, and professor at the IULM University Milan, and one of the best known Italian financial experts, with 25 years of experience in IT, finance, mass and new media.

Since 1980 he pioneered new media and videogames in Italy. In 1987 he founded Simulmondo games and authored 150 titles, including the first 3D Soccer Game ever: I Play 3D Soccer.

Last updated: Dec 23, 2008

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