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atari missile command

Yury Nesterenko

Game Credits


Space Rangers HD: A War Apart (2013)   (Script)
Space Rangers 2: Dominators (2004)   (Script)
Space Rangers (2002)   (Plot)

Developer Biography

Yury Nesterenko is a speculative fiction writer who also has a Master degree in computer science. Born in Moscow, Russia, in 1972. In 1990's he solely developed several non-commercial computer games, including Battle Tetris and text mode turn-based strategies Civil War and FIDO. The latter, devoted to a life of a FidoNet user, became the first (1997) Russian life sim and had many followers. In commercial gaming industry, Nesterenko participated as a script writer for adventure game Ivan Lozhkin: Price of Freedom (1998), a Russian parody to the Space Quest series), and for the Space Rangers series (2002, 2004).

In 2010, Nesterenko left Russia due to political reasons and now lives in the USA.

Last updated: Feb 10, 2012

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