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Andrew Plotkin

Also Known As

  • Zarf
  • Ampe R. Sand

Game Credits


The Warbler's Nest (2010)   (Playtested by)


Direwolf (2019)   (Based on Werewolf by)
Cragne Manor (2018)   (Authors)
The Matter of the Monster (2011)   (Written by)
GET LAMP (included games) (2010)   (Games by)
Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home (2010)   (Game by)
ADV770 (2008)   (Glk Specification by)
The Dreamhold (2005)   (Game by)
Shade (2000)   (by)
System's Twilight (1994)   (Plot, Dialog and Puzzles)
Inhumane (1984)   (Game designed by)


Cragne Manor (2018)   (Epistemology and Conversation Framework modified by)
Seltani (2013)   (Seltani managed by)
The Colder Light (2012)   (Thanks for the Quixe interpreter)
Key Features (2012)   (A game by)
A Scurvy of Wonders (2011)   (And a hearty shout-out for helping with Inform 7 syntax -- without them the game would not be finished)
The Matter of the Monster (2011)   (Undum modifications by)
Meanwhile (2011)   (Adapted for iOS by)
Hunter, In Darkness (2000)   (Game by)
Photopia (1998)   (Glulx by)
Icebreaker (1996)   (Lead Programmer - Mac)
Inhumane (1984)   (Port by)
Penqueriel Mazes (1982)   (By)


System's Twilight (1994)   (Icons)


System's Twilight (1994)   (Sounds)

Quality Assurance

BAD_MACHINE\ (1998)   (post-release beta-testers)


Frotz (included games) (2008)   (Glulx Glk I/O system by)


Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption (2018)   (Backers)
To Hell in a Hamper (2017)   (Thanks also to)
Zork: A Troll's-Eye View (2008)   (Acknowledgements to)
Anchorhead (1998)   (Thanks to)


Adventure Blaster (1998)   ( the fine folks who found their way into the credits by contributing material, making suggestions, and finding bugs)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.

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