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Rob Landeros

Game Credits


The 7th Guest: Infection (2011)   (Project Manager)
Point of View (2001)   (Produced by)
Tender Loving Care (1998)   (Executive Producer)
Clandestiny (1996)   (Executive Producers)
The 7th Guest (1993)   (Producers)


The 7th Guest: Infection (2011)   (GUI Design)
Point of View (2001)   (Designed by)
Clandestiny (1996)   (Character Design)
The 11th Hour (1995)   (Concept and Design)
The 7th Guest (1993)   (Original Concept)
Lexi-Cross (1991)   (Design)
Silver Surfer (1990)   (Created by)


The 7th Guest: Infection (2011)   (Graphics)
Defender of the Crown: Digitally Remastered Collec... (2002)   (Artists)
Point of View (2001)   (Graphic Artists)
Clandestiny (1996)   (Artists)
The 11th Hour (1995)   (Additional Graphics / Artwork)
The 7th Guest (1993)   (Graphic Artists)
Lexi-Cross (1991)   (Art)
NY Warriors (1990)   (Sequence Art)
Spirit of Excalibur (1990)   (Art Direction by)
Omni-Play Horse Racing (1989)   (Title Screen)
Rocket Ranger (1988)   (Art Direction)
Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon (1988)   (Additional Art)
TV Sports: Football (1988)   (Graphic Art and Special Effects)
The King of Chicago (1987)   (Graphics Artist)
S.D.I. (1987)   (Art Director)
Defender of the Crown (1986)   (Graphics / Artwork)


The 7th Guest (1993)   (Head in lab)


The 7th Guest (1993)   (Head in Lab)
Spirit of Excalibur (1990)   (Character voices)
Rocket Ranger (1988)   (Voices)

Creative Services

The 7th Guest (1993)   (Operations Manual written by)


The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest (2019)   (Kickstarter Backers)


The 13th Doll: A Fan Game of The 7th Guest (2019)   (To the creators of the game that captured our hearts, minds, and imaginations:)
Spot (1990)   (Special Thanks to)


Tender Loving Care (1998)   (Interactive Design)

Developer Biography

Rob Landeros is responsible for graphics for many games in personal computer history. His career began with the likes of contributing to several ports (including the original Amiga version) of Defender of the Crown. He continued working on games for the publisher/developer Cinemaware, making graphics for Rocket Ranger and S.D.I.

In 1990 Landeros teamed up with Graeme Devine to found Trilobyte. They worked together to develop The 7th Guest (1993).

Last updated: May 26, 2013

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