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Jeffrey Fiske

Also Known As

  • Jeff Fiske

Game Credits


Lords of the Realm (1994)   (Testing (credited in addendum to the manual accompanying the 1997 Crucial re-issue))


Immortal Cities: Nile Online (2009)   (Additional Design)
Mosby's Confederacy (2008)   (Design)
SimCity Societies: Destinations (2008)   (Designer Manager)
SimCity Societies (2007)   (Senior Designers)
Caesar IV (2006)   (Designers)
Lords of Magic: Special Edition (1998)   (Design)
Grant - Lee - Sherman: Civil War 2: Generals (1997)   (Based On the Original R.E.Lee: Civil War General Game Design of)
Lords of Magic (1997)   (Designers)
Robert E. Lee: Civil War General (1996)   (Design)
Front Lines (1994)   (Scenarios)

Quality Assurance

Breach 3 (1995)   (Internal Testers)
Caesar II (1995)   (Additional Testing)
High Seas Trader (1995)   (Testing)
Powerhouse (1995)   (Playtesting)
Front Lines (1994)   (Testing)
Lords of the Realm (1994)   (Testing)

Creative Services

Robert E. Lee: Civil War General (1996)   (Production)


Hinterland: Orc Lords (2008)   (Herbalist & Potion Maker)

Developer Biography

Jeff has almost ten years of industry experienced; five as a senior designer at Sierra’s Impressions Games studio, where his passion and commitment to this medium have inspired teams on several successful titles.

Jeff began tinkering with rules to popular board games at the tender age of eight. Eventually he discovered computer games, feeling these offer a deeper level of escapism and entertainment than any other media. Jeff has consistently demonstrated his ability to create this magical experience in his own games, enhance it in others, and find where it is lacking all together in products under development.

1,000,000 players around the world enjoy games designed by Jeff, such as:

Source: Tilted mill company page.

Last updated: Feb 05, 2005