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atari missile command

Martyn James Brown

Also Known As

  • Marty Brown
  • Martyn Brown
  • M. J. Brown

Game Credits


Alien Breed 3: Descent (2010)   (Studio Director)
Worms: Battle Islands (2010)   (Studio Director)
Alien Breed: Evolution - Episode 1 (2009)   (Studio Director)
Worms: A Space Oddity (2008)   (Studio Director)
Worms 4: Mayhem (2005)   (Studio Director)


Worms United (2011)   (Production)
Alien Breed 2: Assault (2010)   (Studio Director)
Worms 2: Armageddon (2010)   (Studio Director)
Worms: Reloaded (2010)   (Studio Director)
Alien Breed: Evolution - Episode 1 (2009)   (Studio Director)
Worms (2007)   (Executive Producers)
Stunt GP (2001)   (Executive Producer)
Worms: Armageddon (1999)   (Producer)
Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy (1998)   (Executive Producer)
Worms 2 (1997)   (Executive Producer)
The Speris Legacy (1996)   (Creative Director)
X2: No Relief (1996)   (Producer)
ATR: All Terrain Racing (1995)   (Producer)
Kingpin: Arcade Sports Bowling (1995)   (Producer)
Worms (1995)   (Production)
Worms: Reinforcements (1995)   (Producer)
Alien Breed: Tower Assault (1994)   (Producer, Mapping)
Arcade Pool (1994)   (Project Manager)
Assassin: Special Edition (1994)   (Project Manager)
Super Stardust (1994)   (Product management)
Ultimate Body Blows (1994)   (Project Manager)
Alien Breed (1993)   (Produced By)
Alien Breed II: The Horror Continues (1993)   (Production)
Body Blows (1993)   (Project Manager)
Body Blows Galactic (1993)   (Project Manager)
F17 Challenge (1993)   (Project Managers)
Overdrive (1993)   (Produced By)
Qwak (1993)   (Project Manager)
Superfrog (1993)   (Project Manager)
Alien Breed: Special Edition 92 (1992)   (Project Management)
Assassin (1992)   (Project Manager)
Project-X (1992)   (Project Manager)
Alien Breed (1991)   (Project Management)
Full Contact (1991)   (Team Management)


Worms Forts: Under Siege (2004)   (Creative Director)
Worms 3D (2003)   (Creative Director)
Worms Blast (2002)   (Creative Director)
Stunt GP (2001)   (Design)
Worms: Armageddon (1999)   (Mission Design)
Worms: The Director's Cut (1997)   (Creative Director)
Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds (1996)   (Development Director)
World Rally Fever: Born on the Road (1996)   (Development Director)
Alien Breed 3D (1995)   (Creative Director)
Worms (1995)   (Creative Director)
Alien Breed: Tower Assault (1994)   (Alien Breed Original Concept)
Superfrog (1993)   (Designer)
Alien Breed: Special Edition 92 (1992)   (Game Designed)
Alien Breed (1991)   (Game Designed)


Make a Break (1989)   (Written by)


Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy (1998)   (Scripting)
Alien Breed: Tower Assault (1994)   (Tower Assault Story)


Worms (2007)   (Creative Director)
Worms: Reinforcements (1995)   (Additional Custom GFX)


Worms: Armageddon (1999)   (Additional Audio)
Assassin: Special Edition (1994)   (Vocal Artists)
Assassin (1992)   (Vocal Artists)

Creative Services

Worms (1995)   (Documentation)


Pure Chess (2013)   (Ripstone Special Thanks)
LittleBigPlanet PSVita (2012)   (Extra Special Thanks)
Rochard (2011)   (Recoil Thanks)
Football Manager 2011 (2010)   (SI Special Thanks)
Limbo (2010)   (Special Thanks)
Football Manager 2010 (2009)   (SI Special Thanks)
Super Stardust HD: Complete (2008)   (Housemarque Thanks)
Toki Tori (2008)   (Two Tribes greets the following people)
Worldwide Soccer Manager 2009 (2008)   (SI Special Thanks)
Super Stardust HD (2007)   (Housemarque Thanks)
Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (2006)   (Greetings to)


New Star Manager (2018)   (Credits)
Angry Birds: Goal! (2016)   (New Star Flight Designs Ltd.)
Pitfall! (2014)   (The Blast Furnace)
Worms: Ultimate Mayhem (2011)   (Team 17 Original Team)

Developer Biography

Martyn Brown co-founded Team17 Software Limited in December 1990 and holds a 25% stake in the company. In February 2011, after twenty years, he left the company to become an independent video game consultant. Later that month is was announced he was working with mobile and handheld developer Double Eleven.

Last updated: Feb 09, 2011

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