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Kellyn Beeck

Also Known As

  • Kellyn Beck

Game Credits


Age of Empires Online (2011)   (VP of Business Development)
Supreme Commander 2 (2010)   (VP of Business Development)
Free D.C! (1991)   (Director)


Total Annihilation: Battle Tactics (1998)   (Producer)
Total Annihilation: The Core Contingency (1998)   (Producer)
Clandestiny (1996)   (Executive in Charge of Production)
The 11th Hour (1995)   (Executive in Charge of Production)
Free D.C! (1991)   (Producer)
Centurion: Defender of Rome (1990)   (Project Leader)
Rocket Ranger (1988)   (Directed by)
S.D.I. (1987)   (Directed by)
Defender of the Crown (1986)   (Directed by)


Defender of the Crown: Digitally Remastered Collec... (2002)   (Director)
Defender of the Crown II (1993)   (Original Concept by)
Free D.C! (1991)   (Game Design)
Centurion: Defender of Rome (1990)   (Design)
Rocket Ranger (1988)   (Design)
S.D.I. (1987)   (Director)
Defender of the Crown (1986)   (Written by)


Free D.C! (1991)   (Script Writers)
Defender of the Crown (1986)   (Written by)


Free D.C! (1991)   (Starring)

Creative Services

Sinbad and the Throne of the Falcon (1987)   (Game Manual by)
Defender of the Crown (1986)   (Documentation by:)


Dungeon Siege III (2011)   (Special Thanks)
Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown (2003)   (Special Thanks)

Developer Biography

From Centurion: "Kellyn Beck is the award-winning designer and project director of Defender of the Crown, S.D.I., and Rocket Ranger. In his work as a computer game designer, Kellyn uses his extensive experience in television, film, and theatre to better realize the potential of interactive entertainment. He begins each project with a year of research and design work, in which he sketches elaborate storyboards of each scene that will appear in the game. His preparation for Centurion included a research trip to Rome, and a few "necessary" side trips to Roman colonies like Germania (Germany), Gaul (France), and Alpes (Switzerland). The inspiration for the game came from too many hours spent watching the movies Ben Hur and Spartacus." (thanks to MarkF)

Last updated: Nov 28, 1999

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