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Ashley Routledge

Also Known As

  • Ash
  • Ash Routledge

Game Credits


Blocky Cops (2018)   (Creative Director)
Blocky Football (2018)   (Creative Director)
Blocky Baseball (2017)   (Creative Director)
Blocky Bronco (2017)   (Creative Director)
Blocky Pirates (2017)   (Creative Director)
Blocky Snowboarding (2017)   (Creative Director)
Spin a Zoo (2017)   (Creative Director)
Blocky Basketball FreeStyle (2016)   (Creative Director)
Blocky Hockey (2016)   (Creative Director)
Blocky Racer (2016)   (Creative Director)
Blocky Rugby (2016)   (Creative Director)
Blocky Soccer (2016)   (Creative Director)
Flick Golf Extreme (2016)   (Creative Director)
Flick Rugby 16 (2016)   (Creative Director)
Flick Soccer 19 (2016)   (Creative Director)
Golf Island (2016)   (Creative Director)
Blocky Raider (2015)   (Creative Director)
Flick Quarterback 19 (2015)   (Creative Director)
Magic MixUp (2015)   (Creative Director)
King of the Course (2014)   (Creative Director)
Sugar Rush (2013)   (Creative Director)
Agent Dash (2012)   (Creative Director)
Coin Drop (2011)   (Creative Director)
Flick Golf (2011)   (Creative Director)
Slicks (1992)   (Game Design)
Kamikaze (1990)   (Game Design)
Poseidon: Planet Eleven (1990)   (Game Design by)


Daffy Duck and the Great Paint Caper (2015)   (Programming by)
Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament (1995)   (Game Gear version by)
Pete Sampras Tennis (1994)   (Programming (Game Gear Version))
Micro Machines (1993)   (Game Gear version by)
Robin Hood: Legend Quest (1992)   (Conversion)
Slicks (1992)   (Program)
Dragon Breed (1990)   (Programming)
Hot Rod (1990)   (Code)
Kamikaze (1990)   (Programmed by)
Poseidon: Planet Eleven (1990)   (Programming by)
Wacky Darts (1990)   (Programming)
Dynamix (1989)   (Programming)
Super Nudge 2000 (1989)   (Fruitbank by)
Gaplus (1988)   (Code by)
Snowball Sunday (1988)   (Ash & Dave Present)
Pirates in Hyperspace (1987)   (Coding by)


Alloyrun (2016)   (Graphics)
Daffy Duck and the Great Paint Caper (2015)   (Graphics by)
Downforce (2002)   (Art Director)
360: Three Sixty (1999)   (Head of Art)
All Star Tennis '99 (1998)   (Graphics)
Break Point (1996)   (Graphics by)
Cue Boy (1993)   (Graphics)
Micro Machines (1993)   (Graphics)
Robin Hood: Legend Quest (1992)   (Titlescreen)
Slicks (1992)   (Graphics)
Augie Doggie and Doggie Daddy (1991)   (Graphics by)
Insector Hecti in the Inter Change (1991)   (Graphics by)
Jonny Quest (1991)   (Graphics by)
Mean Machine (1991)   (Graphics)
Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo (1991)   (Graphics by)
Dragon Breed (1990)   (Graphics)
Hot Rod (1990)   (Graphics)
Kamikaze (1990)   (Graphics by)
Poseidon: Planet Eleven (1990)   (Graphics by)
Dynamix (1989)   (Graphics)
Gaplus (1988)   (Graphics by)
Pirates in Hyperspace (1987)   (Grafix by)


Slicks (1992)   (SFX)
Poseidon: Planet Eleven (1990)   (Sound Effects by)

Developer Biography

Ashley first started developing video games in the late 1980s writing games for the Commodore 64 with his friend Dave Saunders, who were known as "Ash & Dave" colloquially. These games were published by a variety of publishers, including Codemasters, Mastertronic, Activision and Hi-Tec Software. Both Ash and Dave would program the games, while Ash would also create the games' graphics.

In the late 1990s/early 2000s, Ash and Dave moved to Smart Dog Games, where they worked on games for the original PlayStation, PlayStation 2, GameCube and Xbox. Ash was given the role of Art Director while Dave was given the role of Technical Director.

In January of 2008, Ashley joined Full Fat Games as a Creative Director. He maintained this role for 10 years before leaving in July 2018 to become the Head of Design at kwalee.

Last updated: May 19, 2019