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atari missile command

Bjørn Arild Lynne

Also Known As

  • Bjørn Lynne
  • Bjorn Lynne
  • Bjorn A. Lynne
  • Bjørn A. Lynne

Game Credits


Miasma: Citizens of Free Thought (2021)   ('Starfield')
Here Be Dragons (2020)   (Music)
FishWitch Halloween (2019)   (Music and SFX)
Santa's Holiday (2019)   (Music and SFX)
Civil War: 1863 (2016)   ("Our Flag" composed by)
Dungeon Punks (2016)   (Music)
Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive (2014)   (Music Composed by)
A Cat's Night 2: Orazio Goes to Town (2013)   (Music)
Incredipede (2013)   (Music from)
Motocross Madness (2013)   (Nitro Glycerine)
Avatar Karting 2 (2012)   (Sound FX)
Depth Hunter: The Spearfishing Simulator (2012)   (Music Composed by)
Ghost Encounters: Deadwood (2012)   (Music)
Pippi Långstrump (2012)   (Music Editing)
Racedrome City (2012)   (Sound FX)
Racedrome Offroad (2012)   (Sound FX)
Art of Murder: Deadly Secrets (2011)   (Music)
Avatar Karting (2011)   (Sound FX)
Babel: The King of the Blocks (2011)   ('Pig Detective')
Chronicles of Mystery: Secret of the Lost Kingdom (2011)   (Music)
Crazy Machines: Elements (2011)   (Additional Music Composers)
Hydrophobia: Prophecy (2011)   (Music)
Vinter i Blåfjell (2011)   (Music Editing)
Worms Pinball (2011)   (Sound and Music)
Worms United (2011)   (Sound)
3,2,1...SuperCrash! (2010)   (Music by)
Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny (2010)   (Music)
Art of Murder: The Secret Files (2010)   (Music)
Avatar Racedrome (2010)   (Sound FX)
Chronicles of Mystery: The Legend of the Sacred Tr... (2010)   (Music)
Dysnomia (2010)   (Music)
Flåklypa Grand Prix (2010)   (Sound Design)
GemClix (2010)   (Music)
Hydrophobia (2010)   (Music)
Knerten Gifter Seg (2010)   (Music editing)
Wizzley Presto and The Vampire's Tomb (2010)   (Music)
Battlestrike: Shadow of Stalingrad (2009)   (Music)
Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life (2009)   (Music)
Hidden in Time: Mirror Mirror (2009)   ("Harbor Ambience")
Hide & Secret 3: Pharaoh's Quest (2009)   (Sound)
Pahelika: Secret Legends (2009)   (Music)
Super Laser Racer (2009)   (Call to Ancestors)
Wild West Quest 2 (2009)   (Sound)
All Star Strip Poker: Girls next Door (2008)   (Music)
Art of Murder: FBI Confidential (2008)   (Music)
Hide & Secret 2: Cliffhanger Castle (2008)   (Music)
Operation Thunderstorm (2008)   (Music)
Redrum (2008)   (Music)
Wild West Quest (2008)   (Sound)
Yummy Drink Factory (2008)   (Music)
Nethergate: Resurrection (2007)   (Intro Music)
Redneck Kentucky and the Next Generation Chickens (2007)   (Music)
Sniper: Art of Victory (2007)   (Music)
Spaceforce: Captains (2007)   (Music)
Spaceforce: Rogue Universe (2007)   (Music)
'Speare (2007)   ("Urban Darkness 02/03/08" composed by)
Zendoku (2007)   (Additional Music)
Army Men: Major Malfunction (2006)   (Music)
Avernum IV (2006)   (Intro Music)
Geneforge 4: Rebellion (2006)   (Intro Music)
Lemmings (2006)   (FMV Audio)
Worms: Open Warfare (2006)   (Music)
Deep Sea Tycoon: Diver's Paradise (2005)   (Music)
Worms 4: Mayhem (2005)   (Sound, Music & Voice Co-ordination)
Ahriman's Prophecy (2004)   (Music )
Create City (2004)   (Music produced by)
Dark Disciples (2004)   (Music by)
LoveChess: The Greek Era (2004)   (Music)
SpacePod (2004)   (Music)
Worms Forts: Under Siege (2004)   (Music)
Bestowers of Eternity (2003)   (Additional Music by)
Ford Racing 2 (2003)   (Music)
Space Empires: Starfury (2003)   (Musician)
Worms 3D (2003)   (Sound, Music and Voice Co-ordination)
Worms Blast (2002)   (Sound)
Stunt GP (2001)   (Music and Sound effects)
Worms World Party (2001)   (Sound)
Siege of Avalon (2000)   (Music and Sound F/X)
Phoenix (1999)   (Music)
Seven Kingdoms II: The Fryhtan Wars (1999)   (Music)
Worms: Armageddon (1999)   (Sound)
Addiction Pinball (1998)   (Sound)
Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy (1998)   (Additional Music)
Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries (1998)   (Music)
Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries (Demo Version) (1998)   (Music)
Splat! PC (1998)   (Audio by)
Dark Corona Pegasus (1997)   (Music)
Seven Kingdoms (1997)   (Music)
Worms 2 (1997)   (Music / Sound)
Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds (1996)   (Sound FX )
World Rally Fever: Born on the Road (1996)   (Sound FX)
X2: No Relief (1996)   (Sound)
Alien Breed 3D (1995)   (Music)
Worms (1995)   (Sound+Music)
Worms: Reinforcements (1995)   (Sound / Music)
Qwak (1993)   (Sound)
Fantastic Voyage (1992)   (Music composed by)
Project-X (1992)   (Additional Music)
Brat (1991)   (Theme Music)
Cubulus (1991)   (Music)
Escape from Colditz (1991)   (Music)


Worms: Ultimate Mayhem (2011)   (Team 17 Original Team)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.

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