Andy Park

Game Credits


Starhawk (2012)   (Additional Art Assistance)
God of War III (2010)   (Visual Development Artists)
God of War Collection (2009)   (Concept Art)
God of War: Chains of Olympus (2008)   (Concept Art)
God of War II (2007)   (Concept Artists)
Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard (2005)   (Additional Art and Animation)

Developer Biography

Andy Park started his career as a comic book artist working for companies such as Extreme Studios, Image Comics, Top Cow Productions, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics. Most notably he has worked on the comic book series, Tomb Raider, Excalibur, Weapon X, and Uncanny X-Men. After 10 years in that industry, Andy decided to work more as a concept artist for the video game, tv, and film industries.

In 2005, Andy started working as a concept artist for SCE Studio Santa Monica, a division of Sony Computer Entertainment America. He designed characters, creatures, props, and environments for the award-winning video games, God of War II, God of War: Chains of Olympus, StarHawk, and God of War III. Andy was one of the leading concept artists for Sony designing many of the main characters, bosses, and environments for the game including among others Poseidon, Poseidon Leviathan, Hermes, Chimera, Saytr, Centaur, Skorpius, Fear Zeus, Minotaur, Athena's astral form, Olympus Sentries, Olympus Archer, Olympus Legionnaire, Olympus Guardian, Hera, Persephone, Talos, Blade of Olympus, Hades Palace Arena, Mt. Olympus interior environment, and Hades Wall Run environment. His artwork was also heavily used throughout Sony's marketing campaign to promote the highly anticipated release of the hit PlayStation 3 video game, God of War 3. He illustrated the covers to several magazines to promote the game including Game Informer and PlayStation Official Magazine. GameStop had a pre-order incentive of a 17X24 poster of Kratos signed by Andy Park. He also illustrated the cover to the European release of The God of War Trilogy, coinciding with the release of the third game. He was featured in several print and video interviews to help promote the game.

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