Seth A. Robinson

Game Credits


Dungeon Scroll (2003)   (Dungeon Scroll was designed and developed by)
Legend of the Green Dragon (2002)   (Based on "Legend of the Red Dragon" by)
Dink SmallWood (1998)   (Level Design & Story)
Treehouse Truants (1994)   (Inspired by)
Legend of the Red Dragon (1992)   (Written by)


Growtopia (2013)   (Growtopia created by)
Duke Nukem 3D (2009)   (Android port)
Prey Mobile 3D (2009)   (Lead Programmer)
Opening Weekend: Varmint Season (1999)   (AI and Scripting)
Dink SmallWood (1998)   (Programming)
Legend of the Red Dragon II: New World (1992)   (created by)


Dink SmallWood (1998)   (Music)

Quality Assurance

Dynamite Jack (2012)   (Testing)
Galcon Fusion (2010)   (The Awesome Beta Testers)


Duke Nukem 3D (2009)   (Thanks to)


Legend of the Red Dragon (1992)   (Robinson Technologies Staff)

Developer Biography

Seth Robinson, famous for his Legend of the Red Dragon BBS door, has spent 14 years making weird games. He also made the Flash game, Funeral Quest, and various other PC and PocketPC games. He is the founder of Robinson Technologies.

Last updated: Aug 19, 2004