Eric Dieter

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Freedom Force vs The 3rd Reich (2005)   (Thanks)
Diablo II (2000)   (Ring of a Thousand)

Developer Biography

Eric Dieter is the co-creator of popular Antioch Chronicles (1998-2001) fan campaigns for StarCraft with Ruben Moreno . As a voice actor, he performed some of his first professional work for Terminal Reality, Inc. and Remedy Entertainment Ltd..

In the early-2000's, Eric founded Subliminal Games with several of his Antioch compatriots. They spent six months developing a Homeworld spin-off for Relic Entertainment. In the Spring of 2004, Sierra Entertainment, Relic's publisher, began suffering from the financial turmoil of its parent company, Vivendi Games. The Homeworld spin-off project was shelved and the team disbanded. On April 27, 2004, publisher THQ acquired Relic for close to $10 million but did not acquire the Homeworld intellectual property.

From 2004-2006 Eric worked for Irrational Games as writer of the internal series bible for Freedom Force and a related comic book series published by Image Comics. He was also Community Manager for the company's Freedom Fans website. On January 9, 2006, Take-Two Interactive announced that they had purchased Irrational, and would publish their games under the 2K Games, Inc. label. Plans for a third Freedom Force game occurring in the 1970's were shelved in favor of BioShock, a "spiritual successor" to System Shock 2.

After receiving a degree in radio and television broadcasting in February, 2006, Eric entered the radio industry as Director of Interactive Services for NextMedia Group. In 2010, Eric became Director of Services for a spin-off company, NextMedia 360.

In 2012, Eric performed voiceovers for several characters in Heroes of Newerth and joined the StarCraft Universe team as a voice actor and story consultant. In 2015, a new generation of modders brought him and other former Antioch team members onboard as story consultants and voiceactors for a third Antioch Chronicles mod for StarCraft 2.

Last updated: Aug 08, 2015