Jean-Marc Lederman

Game Credits


Coyote's Tale: Fire and Water (2009)   (Music)
Mystic Inn (2006)   (Music and SFX)
Atlantis (2005)   (Music)
Fairies (2005)   (Music)

Developer Biography

  • 2007: Turbogems, game by Ironcode
  • 2007: Fever Frenzy, game by Legacy/ Rainbow Creatures
  • 2007: The Last Communiqué (album)
  • 2007: Kudos: Rock Legend
  • 2007: Forces of Arms
  • 2006: Titanic: Hidden Expedition
  • 2006: Atlantis Sky Patrol
  • 2006: Embedded With The Weathermen (album)
  • 2006: Ghost & Writer (album)
  • 2006: Mystic Inn
  • 2005: Fairies
  • 2005: Atlantis (video game)
  • 2004: Bombardier (corporate video)
  • 2004: BRP (corporate video)
  • 2004: Looza (5 corporate videos)
  • 2004: Lyonnaise des Eaux (corporate video)
  • 2004: Deeper With The Weathermen (album)
  • 2004: Lipton Ice Tea Rhythm Box (premium game)
  • 2003: Coca-Cola (corporate videos)
  • 1999: Fantaisie Militaire (album)
  • 1999: Aquaride (entertaiment park ride)
  • 1998: Snow Racer
  • 1997: V-Rally
  • 1996: Solar Crusade
Respected musician in the underground scene, Jean-Marc Lederman has penned songs for The Weathermen (the indie club hit song "Poison" is still a must), Jules Et Jim, Alain Bashung (the album "Fantaisies Militaires" was awarded "Victoire de la Musique 1999" and went on to be triple platinum), contributed songs on the TV serial Baywatch, composed corporate soundtracks and advertising audio signatures and music for Lipton Ice Tea, La Lyonnaise des Eaux, Swatch, Bombardier, etc...

His music impresses with its vision and its boldness (electronic instruments or not, orchestral or stoner, pop or gothic,...), mesmerizing themes and melodies, energectic spirit with obvious mass appeal. He definitively has a broad approach and a large sound.

These last years, Jml has been branching out into music for videogames and movies. In the last 15 months, he has written and played the music found on several top quality casual games, including Top 10 hits such as Titanic Hidden Expedition, Atlantis Sky Patrol, Fairies, Mystic Inn and Atlantis . His music and aural ambience gives AAA quality to the audio dimension of great looking games and astute gameplay.

Quoted from a review of Atlantis Sky Patrol on "The audio quality is nothing short of audacious in this game. The clarity in the music is simply inspiring, and the melodies are finely tuned to the general atmosphere of the gameplay and the resonating level environments. Not only that, but the sound effects are entirely on cue with the fast-paced action and break-neck strategy."

Last updated: Sep 11, 2007