Julie Bataille

Game Credits


The Exchange Student: Episode 2 - Point Club (2007)   (Cast)
The Exchange Student: Episode 1 - First Day in Sweden (2006)   (Cast)
Les Guignols De L'Info...Le Jeu ! (1995)   (With the voices of (Avec les voix de))
Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure (1994)   (Character Voices/ French CD-ROM Version)

Developer Biography

Julie Bataille has worked for several TV shows in France for the channels TF1, France TV, and Canal+, and she has done commercials for some big companies like Dior, IBM, Kelloggs, Ikea, Nissan, Aiwa, Evian, Pampers, Lancôme, Colgate, France Telecom, Louvre etc. Except from an actress she is also a singer. She has been in show-biz since the age of 13 and she has co-operated with top directors and actors. In the game industry, she did the voice of Michelle in The Exchange Student series.

Last updated: Aug 22, 2006