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Yasuhisa Watanabe

Also Known As

  • Yack Watanabe
  • Yack.
  • 渡部 恭久

Game Credits


Puchi Carat (1997)   (Game Design)
Fighters' Impact (1996)   (Game Design)
Gun & Frontier (1991)   (Game Design)
Metal Black (1991)   (Game Design)


The Ninja Warriors (1988)   (Screen Play)


Kira Kira Star Night exa (2021)   (Music Adv. Stage 7)
Ginga Force (2020)   (Music - Studio Dual Moon)
Psyvariar Delta (2018)   (Sound Composer)
Pitapat-Beat (2014)   (Sound)
DeathSmiles II X (2010)   (Death SmilesIIX DLC Music Composers)
Walk It Out! (2010)   ('Cosmic Snow')
Bubble Bobble Neo! (2009)   (Music)
Darius Burst (2009)   (Original Music Works)
Super Dragon Ball Z (2006)   (Music Composition, Arrangement)
WarTech: Senko no Ronde (2006)   (Music)
Border Down (2003)   (Music Compose/Sound Effect)
Custom Robo V2 (2000)   (Sound (サウンド))
Street Fighter EX3 (2000)   (Composed and Arranged)
Psychic Force 2012 (1999)   (BGM Arrangement)
Builder's Block (1998)   (Sound)
Arkanoid Returns (1997)   (Sound)
Puchi Carat (1997)   (Sound)
Fighters' Impact (1996)   (Music Compose)
Psychic Force (1996)   (Sound Programmer)
Elevator Action II (1995)   (BGM Compose)
Global Champion (1994)   (Music Composer)
The Flintstones: King Rock Treasure Island (1993)   (Sound)
Super Chase: Criminal Termination (1993)   (Sound)
Galactic Storm (1992)   (Support Staff)
Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode III (1992)   (S.E. and Data Programming)
Growl (1991)   (Music and Sound Effect)
Gun & Frontier (1991)   (Sound Director)
Metal Black (1991)   (Sound Director)
Pu•Li•Ru•La (1991)   (Sound (Team Zuntata))
Super Soccer Champ (1991)   (Sound)
American Horseshoes (1990)   (Sound)
On the Ball (1990)   (Sound (by Team Zuntata))
Taito's Super Space Invaders (1990)   (Sound)
Violence Fight (1990)   (Sound Designer)
Continental Circus (1989)   (All Supervision)
Master of Weapon (1989)   (Music Composed and Arranged by)
Nastar Warrior (1989)   (Sound Editor)
Night Striker (1989)   (Sound Arranged by)
Sagaia (1989)   (Sound Editor)
Bonze Adventure (1988)   (Assistant)
Kuri Kinton (1988)   (Sound Designer)
The New Zealand Story (1988)   (Sound Effect)
The Ninja Warriors (1988)   (Sound Editor)
Syvalion (1988)   (Sound (◎サウンド [ZUNTATA]))


G Darius (1998)   (Special Thanks)
Dungeon Magic (1994)   (Special Thanks)
Dino Rex (1992)   (Special Thanks)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.

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