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Yuri Pasholok

Also Known As

  • Jury Pasholok

Game Credits


Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 (2009)   (Consultants)
Theatre of War (2006)   (Historical Advisers)


Rise of Flight: The First Great Air War (2009)   (Special Thanks)
Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory (2007)   (Thanks to)
Pacific Fighters (2004)   (The Producers would also like to thank)

Developer Biography

Yuri Pasholok is a professional historical researcher. Joined in the game industry since the Fall of 2002.

Released commercial projects:

  • Theatre of War (work from Sept. 2002 to Jan. 2004)
  • Pacific Fighters (from start to end of development)
  • IL-2 Sturmovik: Pe-2 (from start to end of development)
  • Sturmoviks over Manchuria (from start to end of development)
  • IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 (from start to end of development)
  • Steel Fury: Kharkov 1942 (small references assistance)
  • Storm of War: Battle of Britain (work from Jan. 2004 to March 2009)
  • Steel Fury: Fall Blau (done, but still not released)
  • World of Tanks (from spring 2009 to end of development)
  • Achtung Panzer: Kharkov 1943 (from start to end of development)
  • Steel Armor:Blaze of War (from start to end of development)
  • Iron Front: Liberation 1944 (from start to end of development)
  • Member of Forgotten Hope team from Spring 2004 to present time.
  • Member of volunteers repaint team from Summer 2005.
  • Repaint of tanks in Kubinka tank museum (from 2005 to current time) and T-34
  • Museum (from Fall 2007 to current time).
  • From October 2008 to current time full-time member of Central Great Patriotic War Museum (Poklonnaya Hill).
  • From the end of 2011 to current time historical editor of Rolling Wheels magazine.

  • Have released publications:
    • Mikoyan Gurevich MiG-1/MiG-3 (MMP, as a photographer)
    • Petljakov Pe-2 a Pe-3 (HT model special, as a photographer)
    • PzKpfw Maus: development and production (Tactical Press, as a author)
    • M-Hobby 3-2008 (TaCAM T-60, Geschutzwagen Tiger fur 17cm Kanone 72 (Sf))
    • M-Hobby 8-2008 (Pak 36(r)
    • M-Hobby 10-2008 (A13 Cruiser Tank Mk.III)
    • M-Hobby 4-2009 (A13 Cruiser Tank Mk.IV)
    • M-Hobby 4-2009 (A13 Cruiser Tank Mk.IV)
    • M-Hobby 2-2010 (155 mm Canon de 155 long GPF)
    • M-Hobby 8-2010 (Kreuzer PzKpfw Mk.IV 744(e))
    • Armor 2-2009 (LB-62 Armored Car)
    • Armor 1-2010 (History of Soviet WWII AA tanks, uparmored BT-7)
    • Armor 2-2010 (rearmed Matilda & Valentine infantry tanks, TsKB-50 armored aerosledge)
    • Armor 3-2010 (Irbit Factory tracked motorbike, Armoured Snowmobile Mk.I)
    • Armor 2-2011 (SU-76 development history)
    • Armor 3-2011 (T-60 light tank improving history)
    • Armor 4-2011 (armored trailers development history)

    Last updated: Dec 17, 2012