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Chris Lassen

Game Credits


Lips (2008)   (User Experience Print Lead)


Midtown Madness 3 (2003)   (Print Production)


Gears of War: Ultimate Edition (2015)   (Design Lead)
Forza Horizon (2012)   (Central Media Design)
Alan Wake (2010)   (Media Design Lead)
Kinect Adventures! (2010)   (Central Media Design Lead)
Scene It? Box Office Smash! (2008)   (User Experience: Design Lead)
Gears of War (Limited Collector's Edition) (2006)   (User Experience: Design Lead)
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Deluxe Edition) (2006)   (Print Design)
Project Gotham Racing 3 (2005)   (Print Design Leads)
Rise of Nations: Gold Edition (2004)   (Content Creation)
Close Combat (1996)   (Major Print Designer)


Vanguard: Saga of Heroes (2007)   (Documentation Design Lead)


Microsoft Flight (2012)   (Additional Art Support)
Age of Empires Online (2011)   (Media Design Leads)
Gex (1996)   (Art)


Alan Wake (2012)   ("Night Springs" Actors)
Alan Wake (2010)   ("Night Springs" Actors)


Mech Commander: Gold (1999)   (Documentation)

Creative Services

Alan Wake (2012)   (Media Design Lead)
Kinect: Disneyland Adventures (2011)   (Media Design lead)
Dance Central (2010)   (Media Design)
Kinectimals (2010)   (Media Design Lead)
Lips: Party Classics (2010)   (Media Design Lead)
Forza Motorsport 3 (2009)   (Documentation Design Lead)
Halo Wars (2009)   (UX Print Design Lead)
Ninja Blade (2009)   (Documentation Design Lead)
Gears of War 2 (2008)   (Print Production)
Gears of War 2 (Limited Edition) (2008)   (Print Production)
Ninja Gaiden II (2008)   (Documentation Design Lead)
Gears of War (2007)   (Print Design Lead)
Lost Odyssey (2007)   (Documentation Designer Lead)
Mass Effect (2007)   (Doc Design Lead)
Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Acceleration (2007)   (Print Design)
Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals (2007)   (Documentation Design Lead)
Fuzion Frenzy 2 (2006)   (Documentation Design)
Microsoft Flight Simulator X (2006)   (Print Design)
Project Sylpheed: Arc of Deception (2006)   (Documentation Design Lead)
Tenchu Z (2006)   (Print)
Zoo Tycoon 2: Marine Mania (2006)   (Documentation Design Lead)
Dungeon Siege II (2005)   (Print Design)
Forza Motorsport (2005)   (Manual Design)
Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered Species (2005)   (Print Production)
MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf (2004)   (Manual Design)
RalliSport Challenge 2 (2004)   (Print Design)
Rise of Nations: Thrones & Patriots (2004)   (Print Design)
Sudeki (2004)   (Manual Design)
Halo: Combat Evolved (2003)   (Print Manual Print Design)
NBA Inside Drive 2004 (2003)   (Print Design)
NFL Fever 2004 (2003)   (Print Design)
NHL Rivals 2004 (2003)   (Print Design)
Project Gotham Racing 2 (2003)   (Print Design)
Quantum Redshift (2002)   (Print Production)
RalliSport Challenge (2002)   (Manual (Volt))
Azurik: Rise of Perathia (2001)   (Print Layout & Design)
Asheron's Call (1999)   (Print Designers)
Close Combat III: The Russian Front (1999)   (Print Designer (Microsoft))
Microsoft Pinball Arcade (1998)   (Print Production)
Motocross Madness (1998)   (Print Designer)
Urban Assault (1998)   (Print Design)
Close Combat: A Bridge Too Far (1997)   (Print Designer)
Hellbender (1996)   (Documentation Senior Designer)

Customer/Technical Support

Jade Empire (Limited Edition) (2005)   (User Experience)


CART Precision Racing (1997)   (User Assistance)


Kinect Star Wars (2012)   (Special Thanks)
ilomilo (2011)   (Special Thanks)
Kinect Sports (2010)   (Special Thanks)
Forza Motorsport 3 (2009)   (Marketing Special Thanks)
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts (2008)   (MGS Special Thanks)
The Neverhood (1996)   (Special Thanks)


Halo 3 (2007)   (User Experience)
Gears of War (2006)   (Design Lead)
Jade Empire (2005)   (User Experience)
Dungeon Siege (2002)   (User Education )

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.