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Chester Kollschen

Game Credits


Metal Dust (2005)   (A game by)
Hope to Hopp II (1996)   (Level-Design)
Hope to Hopp (1993)   (Level-Design)


Axa (2011)   (Programming by)
Edgar: Cave of Secrets (2008)   (Programming)
Color Jumble (2007)   (Coding)
Metal Dust (2005)   (Program)
Triagonal (2005)   (Programming by)
Bomb Mania (1997)   (Programming)
Ice Guys (1997)   (Programming)
Hope to Hopp II (1996)   (Programming)
Hope to Hopp (1993)   (Programming)


Bomb Mania (1997)   (Graphics)
Ice Guys (1997)   (Graphics)
Hope to Hopp II (1996)   (Graphics)
Hope to Hopp (1993)   (Graphics)


Bomb Mania (1997)   (Music)


Bomb Mania (1997)   (Four Player Adapter)

Developer Biography

Chester Kollschen (born 1st August, 1975) has his roots in the home computer era. He started programming on his first Commodore C64 in 1988, won 2KByter and 5KByter competitions of "64'er" magazine with his mini-game entries Hope to Hopp (1993) and Hope to Hopp II (1996) and went straight from there to his first official game releases Ice Guys (1997) and Bomb Mania (1997). Metal Dust (2005), exclusively for Commodore C64 with CMD SuperCPU, was the peak of his early career in game development.

He studied mathematics and computer science at university (1997/1998), but switched to a college with a broader and more practical approach where he got a degree as certified computer scientist for software technology in 2000.

From 2000 to 2006, he worked in corporate IT as software developer, software engineer, system architect and technical project leader in the automotive sector.

His passion for games and game development remained unaffected, though. In 2004, Chester joined Dark Crystal Entertainment GbR (short: DCE), a company focusing on software development, graphic design and audio design, as CEO, CTO and associate.

After their first success with Triagonal (2005), a mobile game which was developed for the German TV channel ProSieben and its science show "Galileo", Chester made DCE his full time job. Since then the company specialized in mobile games and app development. They not only released their own titles such as Color Jumble (2007) and Edgar: Cave of Secrets (2008), but also created games on behalf of business clients. Next to several white label productions, one notable title was the comic adaptation AXA (2011).

In addition to games, Chester provides programming and IT services for companies, especially individual software and web development.

Last updated: Jul 20, 2014

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