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Steven Carlton

Also Known As

  • Steve Carlton

Game Credits


Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet (2015)   (Project Coordinators)


Disgaea 1: Complete (2018)   (Script Editor)
Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk (2012)   (Script Editor)
Generation of Chaos (2011)   (Script Editorial)
Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland (2009)   (Script Editor)
Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis (2008)   (Script Editor)
Ar tonelico II: Melody of Metafalica (2007)   (Script Editor)
Holy Invasion of Privacy, Badman! What Did I Do to... (2007)   (Script Editor)
Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia (2006)   (Script Editorial)
Atelier Iris 3: Grand Phantasm (2006)   (Script Editorial)
Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (2006)   (Script Editorial)
Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (2006)   (Script Editor)
Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny (2005)   (Script Editorial)
Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana (2004)   (Script Editorial)


Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel (2010)   (English Voiceover Recording Supervisors)
Devastation (2003)   (Voice Artists)

Quality Assurance

Disgaea 1: Complete (2018)   (Quality Assurance)
Disgaea PC (2016)   (Quality Assurance)
Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel (2010)   (Quality Assurance)
Dragoneer's Aria (2007)   (QA)
GriMgRiMoiRe (2007)   (Quality Assurance)
Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light (2006)   (Quality Assurance)
Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness (2006)   (Quality Assurance)
Atelier Iris 2: The Azoth of Destiny (2005)   (Quality Assurance)
Devastation (2003)   (Testers, Digitalo)


Metal Max Xeno (2018)   (Project Editors)
Demon Gaze II (2017)   (Project Editors)
God Wars: Future Past (2017)   (Script Editor)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III (2017)   (Script Editors)
Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs (2017)   (Localization Supervisors)
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana (2017)   (Project Editors)
Disgaea PC (2016)   (Script Editor)
Grand Kingdom (2016)   (Script Editors)
Touhou Genso Rondo: Bullet Ballet (2015)   (Script Editor)
Ar tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel (2010)   (Script Editor)
Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome (2005)   (Localization Support)


Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories (2006)   (Special Thanks)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.