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Carl C. Norman

Also Known As

  • Carl Norman

Game Credits


Close Combat: Invasion: Normandy - Utah Beach to C... (2000)   (Novato Studio Director)
Earth 2150 (2000)   (Managing Director, Novato Studio)
Panzer General III: Scorched Earth (2000)   (Senior Vice President)
Real Myst (2000)   (Managing Director, Novato Studio)
Warlords: Battlecry (2000)   (Executive VP of Entertainment)


IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles (2003)   (US Executive Producer)
Lock On: Modern Air Combat (2003)   (Executive Producer & Consultant)
Destroyer Command (2002)   (Executive Producer)
Pool of Radiance: Ruins of Myth Drannor (2001)   (Director of Product Development)
Silent Hunter II (2001)   (Executive Producer)
Championship Surfer (2000)   (Director of Product Development)
Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots Arena (2000)   (Director Product Development)
Flanker 2.0 (1999)   (Executive Producer)
Luftwaffe Commander: WWII Combat Flight Simulator (1998)   (Executive Producer)
Buccaneer (1997)   (Producer)
Imperialism (1997)   (Producer)
Silent Hunter: Commander's Edition (1997)   (Producer)
Silent Hunter Patrol Disk #2 (1997)   (Producer)
Silent Hunter (1996)   (Producer)
Silent Hunter Patrol Disk (1996)   (Producer)
Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles (1996)   (Production)
Steel Panthers II: Modern Battles - Campaign Disk (1996)   (Producer)
Allied General (1995)   (Producer)
Great Naval Battles Vol. III: Fury in the Pacific,... (1995)   (Producer)
World of Aden: Thunderscape (1995)   (Producer)


Harpoon Classic (1995)   (Version 1.3 Design & Development Team)


Championship Surfer (2000)   (Director of Product Development)


Soldiers at War (1998)   (Voice Talent)

Creative Services

Flanker 2.0 (1999)   (Manual Editing)
Su-27 Flanker (1996)   (On-line manual producers)


Battlefield: Bad Company (2008)   (Military Advisor)


IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles (2003)   (Special thanks)
Myst III: Exile (2001)   (Special Thanks to)
Earth 2150: The Moon Project (2000)   (Special Thanks)
Panzer Commander (1998)   (Special Thanks to)
Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles 1846-1905 (1996)   (Special Thanks To)
Great Naval Battles Vol. IV: Burning Steel, 1939-1942 (1995)   (Special Thanks To (alphabetical order))
Harpoon Battleset 3: The MED Conflict (1991)   (Special Thanks to our MEDC Beta Testers)
Harpoon: Challenger Pak (Limited Edition) (1991)   (Battlebook special thanks to )

Developer Biography

Mr. Norman is currently an Executive Producer/Program Manager for Combat Air and Vehicle Simulations at Intific, Inc. His current programs include the RealWorld A-10C Desk Top Simulation, the RealWorld Air Combat Environment Controller, the RealWorld AC-130 Sensor Operator Station Desktop Training Simulation, the RealWorld SEAL Delivery Vehicle Desktop Training Simulation, and the METOC FalconView Overlay project. He also serves as the company’s Facility Security Officer.

He has over 20 years’ experience as a Designer, Customer Support Manager, Operations Manager, Producer, Senior Producer, Executive Producer, Director of Product Development, and Studio Director.

Previously he has worked for Three-Sixty Pacific, Inc., Strategic Simulations, Inc., Mindscape, Inc., The Learning Company, Mattel Interactive, and Ubi Soft Entertainment.

His software titles include Lock On: Modern Air Combat, IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles, Flanker 2.0, Flanker 2.5, Lock On: Modern Air Combat, Panzer Commander, Luftwaffe Commander, Imperialism, Su-27 Flanker, Great Naval Battles, Steel Panthers II, Silent Hunter I, Silent Hunter II, Destroyer Command, Panzer General, Allied General, Thunderscape, V for Victory, Harpoon I, Harpoon II, and the Harpoon Designers Series.

Prior to working in the software industry, Mr. Norman worked as a Project Manager in the defense industry with Veda Incorporated focusing on training devices and simulations for the United States Marine Corps. He has also worked as an independent contractor selling investment and insurance programs.

Mr. Norman has served on active duty and in the Reserves as an infantry officer with the United States Marine Corps where he held a variety of both tactical and administrative positions. His last rank was Captain. He is an instrument-rated private pilot. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Technology from Purdue University and a Master of Business Administration from National University. His interests include simulations, gaming (computer, board and miniature wargames), computer technology, military aviation, flying, military history, reading, baseball, skiing, and travel.

Last updated: Jul 31, 2014

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