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Kasson Crooker

Also Known As

  • DJ HMX
  • Komputer Kontroller

Game Credits


Dance Central 2 (2011)   (Project Director)
Dance Central (2010)   (Project Lead)
Rock Band 3 (2010)   (Pre-Production Lead)
Rock Band Reloaded (2010)   (Project Director)
The Beatles: Rock Band (2009)   (Project Director)
AC/DC Live: Rock Band - Track Pack (2008)   (Senior Producers)
Rock Band (2008)   (Additional Production)
Phase (2007)   (Project Lead)


Amplitude (2016)   ('Concept')
Dance Central 2 (2011)   (Original Music composed by)
Guitar Hero: On Tour (2008)   (I Am Not Your Gameboy)
Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s (2007)   (Audio Director)
Phase (2007)   (Audio Production)
CMT Presents: Karaoke Revolution - Country (2006)   (Audio Director)
Guitar Hero II (2006)   (Audio Director)
Dance Dance Revolution: Ultramix 3 (2005)   (UI Music)
Guitar Hero (2005)   (Audio Director)
Karaoke Revolution: Party (2005)   (Audio Director)
EyeToy: AntiGrav (2004)   (Audio Director)
Karaoke Revolution: Volume 2 (2004)   (Music Director)
Karaoke Revolution: Volume 3 (2004)   (Music Director)
Amplitude (2003)   (Lead Composer / Sound Designer )
Karaoke Revolution (2003)   (Music Director)
Frequency (2001)   (Lead Composer/Sound Designer)
Grand Prix Legends (1998)   (Sound Technician)


Thumper (2016)   (Special Thanks)
Rock Band (2008)   (The Phase Team)


Green Day: Rock Band (2010)   (Harmonix Music Systems, Inc.)

Developer Biography

Kasson began his career in the music industry after attending Berklee College of Music (music production and engineering major) at Lexicon where he worked in QA on products like the PCM90, MPX1, and 960, also making an abundance of presets for those devices. From there he moved to Papyrus Design as the sole audio person working on the PC racing title Grand Prix Legends.

Then a short retirement followed as he left Papyrus to record an album for Capitol Records with his then band Splashdown. Capitol undeservedly shelved the album, and by then Kasson had begun work in audio production at Harmonix Music Systems. His first title there was the 2000 game FreQuency which he did lead audio production on, and composed the songs under the band name's Freezepop, Symbion Project, DJ HMX, and Komputer Kontroller. He then worked on the second title Amplitude doing audio production and more compostion. Both those titles were published by SCEA.

He then became the Audio Director at Harmonix and went to work on 5 Karaoke Revolution titles for publisher Konami, and doing extensive sound design and audio systems implementation for the 2004 release of Eyetoy: AntiGrav (published by SCEA), the premier title exploiting the amazing potential of the eyetoy peripheral.

Following this was the extreme success of the Guitar Hero 1 & 2 series which Harmonix created and developed (plus the 80's edition). These games won many awards including Best Music Game 2005 (IGN) and Best of Show/Editors Choice at E3 2005, as well as winning many G.A.N.G. awards for audio. Kasson then transitioned out of audio and became a producer at Harmonix where he project lead the team creating the interactive music game Phase for the iPod, which was released in fall of 2007.

Kasson other main hobbies are his bands Freezepop and Symbion Project, and looking at mobiles.

Last updated: Jan 26, 2008

atari mania