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atari adventure

Mark Beaumont

Also Known As

  • Mark S. Beaumont
  • Marc Beaumont

Game Credits


Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth (2009)   (Chief Operating Officer)
Mortal Kombat: Unchained (2006)   (Midway Management)
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks (2005)   (Midway Management)
NARC (2005)   (Vice President of Entertainment)
Mortal Kombat: Deception (2004)   (Midway Management)
Shadow Hearts: Covenant (2004)   (President, Business Development)
Freaky Flyers (2003)   (Vice-President Publishing)
NHL Hitz Pro (2003)   (Sr. VP Publishing)
Defender (2002)   (Senior VP, Publishing)
NFL Blitz 20-03 (2002)   (Midway Management)
NHL Hitz 20-03 (2002)   (Sr. VP Publishing)
NHL Hitz 20-03 (2002)   (Sr, VP Publishing)
Shadow Hearts (2001)   (President, Business Development)
The Terminator (1993)   (Business Group Sr. VP)
Cal Ripken Jr. Baseball (1992)   (Business Group Senior Vice President)
Contraption Zack (1992)   (Business Group Senior Vice President)
The Terminator (1992)   (Business Group Senior Vice President)
Wing Commander (1992)   (Business Group Senior VP)
ABC Monday Night Football (1989)   (General Manager)


Outlander (1993)   (Senior VP)
Roundball: 2-On-2 Challenge (1992)   (Produced By)


Dead Rising (2006)   (Marketing)
Freaky Flyers (2003)   (Senior V.P. Publishing)
RoadKill (2003)   (Senior Vice President, Marketing)
The Software Toolworks' Star Wars Chess (1993)   (Senior vice president of Marketing)

Public Relations

MLB SlugFest 20-04 (2003)   (Sr. V.P. Publishing)
RoadKill (2003)   (Sr. VP, Publishing)
Dr. Muto (2002)   (Senior VP, Publishing)
Dr. Muto (2002)   (Senior VP, Publishing)
Legion: The Legend of Excalibur (2002)   (Senior VP, Publishing)
The Software Toolworks' Star Wars Chess (1993)   (Sr. VP, Marketing)


Spy Hunter 2 (2003)   (Sr. VP, Publishing)


Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (2005)   (Midway Support)


Dark Void (2010)   (Special Thanks)
Dark Void Zero (2010)   (Special Thanks)
Final Fight: Double Impact (2010)   (We would like to offer special thanks to)
Lost Planet 2 (2010)   (Special Thanks)
MotoGP 09/10 (2010)   (Special Thanks)
Super Street Fighter IV (2010)   (Special Thanks)
Age of Booty (2009)   (Special Thanks)
Bionic Commando (2009)   (Special Thanks)
Flock! (2009)   (Special Thanks)
Resident Evil 5 (2009)   (Special Thanks)
Spyborgs (2009)   (Special Thanks)
Street Fighter IV (2009)   (Special Thanks)
1942: Joint Strike (2008)   (Special Thanks)
MotoGP 08 (2008)   (Special Thanks)
Neopets Puzzle Adventure (2008)   (Special Thanks)
Neopets Puzzle Adventure (2008)   (Special Thanks)
Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix (2008)   (Special Thanks)
Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3 (2008)   (Special Thanks)
Capcom Puzzle World (2007)   (Special Thanks)
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (2007)   (Special Thanks)
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (2006)   (Special Thanks)
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (2006)   (Additional Thanks)
Area-51 (2005)   (Special Thanks)
Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict (2005)   (Special Thanks)
Midway Arcade Treasures 2 (2004)   (Special Thanks)
NBA Ballers (2004)   (Special Thanks)
Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy (2004)   (Special Thanks)
Shadow Hearts: Covenant (2004)   (Special Thanks)
Justice League: Chronicles (2003)   (Special Thanks)
Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition (2003)   (Special Thanks)
Super Duper Sumos (2003)   (Special Thanks)
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (2002)   (Special Thanks)
NHL Hitz 20-02 (2001)   (Special Thanks)
Drakan: Order of the Flame (1999)   (Special Thanks)
F-16 Aggressor (1998)   (Special Thanks)
Return Fire (1996)   (Special Thanks)
T-Mek (1995)   (Sega Special Thanks To:)
MegaRace (1994)   (Special Thanks To)
Heavy Barrel (1990)   (Special Thanks to)
ABC Monday Night Football (1989)   (Special Thanks)
RoboCop (1989)   (Special Thanks )


Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars (2010)   (CAPCOM Entertainment, Inc.)
The Suffering (2004)   (Senior VP, Entertainment)
RedCard 20-03 (2002)   (Licensing Team)
Alfred Chicken (1993)   (US Mindscape team)
Karnov (1987)   (Undetermined)

Developer Biography

Mark Beaumont has been a leader in the gaming industry for over 20 years, holding positions with many prestigious and successful gaming companies - Atari, Activision, Data East, Mindscape/The Software Toolworks, Time Warner Interactive and Sony's Psygnosis.

Prior to joining Midway in 1999, Mr. Beaumont held several entertainment software industry management positions including Executive Vice President, General Manager for Sony Corporation of America (Psygnosis division) and Senior Vice President, Product Development and Marketing, Time Warner Interactive. Mr. Beaumont has also served as Product and Merchandising Manager at Activision, Inc. and Atari, Inc. Mr. Beaumont's business development responsibilities at Midway have included product, genre and SKU planning, market research and modeling, business affairs including licensing, product acquisitions and Internet activities.

On January 30, 2002, during his tenure as Midway's Senior Vice President - Business Development Midway Games West, he was also given the position of Senior Vice President - Publishing, reporting directly to Midway Games Chairman and CEO, Neil D. Nicastro.

In November 2005, Marc Beaumont joined Capcom U.S.A. as Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. In January 2007, he was promoted to Executive Vice President, Officer and Head of Consumer Software Publishing in North America, South America and Europe.

On 2nd May 2008 it was announced he had been promoted Chief Operating Officer of both Capcom Entertainment, Inc., in North America and Capcom Entertainment Europe, as well as maintaining his position on the Capcom Board of Directors.

Mark Beaumont passed away after heart attack in the early hours of February 23rd, 2010.

Last updated: Mar 08, 2010

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