Richard Launius

Game Credits


Scavengers of the Mutant World (1988)   (Game Author)


Trevor Sorensen's Star Legions (1992)   (Art Director)
Scavengers of the Mutant World (1988)   (Illustrations)
Star Fleet I: The War Begins! (1985)   (Graphics / Artwork)


Scavengers of the Mutant World (1988)   (Written by)

Developer Biography

Richard Launius was born in the Midwest and raised in South Carolina. As a teen, he befriended Trevor Sorensen, now President of Interstel. Together they spent most of their time playing board games, and gaming became Richard’s favorite hobby. After high school, he attended Graceland College, where he played varsity hockey and earned a degree in Fine Arts. Upon graduation, he began a career in Yellow Page publication, managing art departments and administering a regional division. He will soon assume responsibility for all computer graphics within his company. Richard and his wife Carolyn have three children which take a lot of their spare time, but Richard still finds time to do what he does best – design. He has published several role-playing and board games, as well as providing artwork and creative writing for Interstel products. His original concept of Scavengers was as an adventure boardgame, which is the type of game Richard likes best.

Source: Selected articles from the Scavengers of the Mutant World Manual Book. Note this autobiography was written in 1988.

Last updated: May 28, 2003