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Jonatan Söderström

Also Known As

  • Cactus

Game Credits


Dungeon (2009)   (Executive producers)


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (2015)   (Game Design by)
Hotline Miami (2012)   (Game Design by)
Hot Throttle (2011)   (A game by)
4 Minutes and 33 Seconds of Uniqueness (2009)   (Design)
Dungeon (2009)   (Game concept)
Gamma IV (2009)   (Game by)
Mondo Agency (2007)   (Game by)
xWUNG (2007)   (Original game by)


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (2015)   (Programming by)
Hotline Miami (2012)   (Programmer)
Keyboard Drumset Fucking Werewolf (2011)   (Programming by)
Nordic Game Jam (2011)   (By)
Dear Agent (2010)   (By)
The Ultra Mission (2010)   (By)
EVAC (2009)   (Game by)
Ping Pong! (2009)   (Game by)
This is Infinity (2009)   (Game by)
Ad Nauseam 2 (2008)   (Game)
BlockOn! (2008)   (Game by)
Deep/Wing/Break (2008)   (By)
Krebswelte (2008)   (By)
Kryzta (2008)   (Game by)
Life is a Race (2008)   (By)
Lovecraft Game (2008)   (Game by)
Precision (2008)   (By)
Protoganda II (2008)   (By)
Psychosomnium (2008)   (Game by)
RETRO 4 (2008)   (By)
SeizureDome (2008)   (Game by)
Shotgun Ninja (2008)   (game by)
Space Fuck! (2008)   (By)
Stallions in America (2008)   (Game by)
Stench Mechanics (2008)   (Game by)
Xoldiers (2008)   (By)
Burn the Trash! (2007)   (By)
Clean Asia! (2007)   (Game by)
Fractal Fighter (2007)   (Game by)
Minubeat (2007)   (By)
Mondo Medicals (2007)   (By)
MSOIDS (2007)   (By)
Protoganda: Strings (2007)   (Game by)
xWUNG (2007)   (Game by)
The Birthday (2006)   (By)
Decontrologic (2006)   (Game by)
The Design (2006)   (By)
Fuck Space! (2006)   (Game by)
God Came to the Cave (2006)   (Game by)
Illegal Communication (2006)   (Game by)
Ninja Flu (2006)   (By)
Retro II (2006)   (By)
Saru Ga Daisuki (2006)   (Game by)
Ted's Wet Adventure (2006)   (By)
Unholy Stage (2006)   (Made by)
Insect Invade II (2005)   (By)


Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (2015)   (Story by)


Hotline Miami: Special Edition (2016)   (Artistic Direction)
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (2015)   (Additional Graphics by)
Hotline Miami (2012)   (Additional Graphics)
Dungeon (2009)   (Art)
Tap Tap Dance (2008)   (Moby Art)
Mondo Agency (2007)   (Graphics by)


Dungeon (2009)   (Music)
Decontrologic (2006)   (Music by)
Ted's Wet Adventure (2006)   (Music by)
Insect Invade II (2005)   (Music by)

Quality Assurance

Luftrausers (2014)   (Testers)
Iji (2008)   (In-depth Testing)


Proteus (2013)   (Feedback, Help, Support & Critique)


Trials of the Blood Dragon (2016)   (Dennaton Games for letting Slayter take a call from "Hotline Miami")
Nidhogg (2014)   (Special Thanks)
Proteus (2013)   (Original Feedback, Help, Support & Critique)
Samurai Gunn (2013)   (Thanks)
Lone Survivor (2012)   (Special Thanks)
Leave Home (2010)   (Thanks)
Super Meat Boy (2010)   (Extra Special Thanks to)
Don't Look Back (2009)   (Special Thanks)
Metro Rules of Conduct (2008)   (Thanks to)
Scrap Collector (2008)   (Thanks)


Seven Minutes (2008)   (Game inspired by)
War Twat (2008)   (The game was heavily influenced by)
War Twat (Colour Blindness Edition) (2008)   (The game was heavily influenced by)

Developer Biography

Jonatan Söderström is an independent game developer, known for his fast-paced shooters and short development time.

Last updated: Mar 26, 2009