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Kevin MacLeod

Also Known As

  • Kevin Mac Leod
  • Kevin McLeod

Game Credits


The Captain Is Dead (2021)   (Additional Music)
Snapshot (2021)   (Special thanks to )
Deep Despair (2020)   (Composer)
Into the TIMEVERSE (2020)   ('Mechanolith')
Levels VS: Addictive Puzzle Game (2020)   (Single Mode Music)
Mr. Pumpkin 2: Kowloon Walled City (2020)   (Music)
Out of the Park Baseball 21 (2020)   ('Take Me Out to the Ballgame' by)
Rover Mechanic Simulator (2020)   (Mesmerize by)
A Life of Logic (2019)   (''Brittle Rille'', ''Fireflies and Stardust'')
American Fugitive (2019)   (Music)
Barotrauma (2019)   ("Road to Hell")
Bee Simulator (2019)   (Creators of Sound Effects)
Bunny Parking (2019)   ('Flying Kerfuffle')
Daemon Detective Gaiden II (2019)   (Music)
The Dandelion Girl: Don't You Remember Me? (2019)   ("Blue Feather")
Drill Down (2019)   ('Impact Prelude' by)
Gravitas (2019)   (Music)
Grinded Meat (2019)   (Giant Wyrm)
Harem Hotel (2019)   (BGM 'Easy Lemon')
The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Episode 3 (2019)   (Music)
The Sinking City (2019)   (Music)
SteelLIFE (2019)   ('Dub Eastern')
Who Are You, Mr. Cooper? (2019)   (Music: "Willow and the Light", "Past the Edge", "Despair and Triumph", "Wounded", "On the Shore" & "Reawakening" )
Civitatem (2018)   (Music)
Ghostly Matter (2018)   (Additional Music)
Loneliness (2018)   (Music by)
Mount Your Friends 3D (2018)   ('Eighties Action')
Mushroom Quest (2018)   (Music)
Out of the Park Baseball 19 (2018)   ("Take Me Out to the Ballgame" by)
The Piano (2018)   ('Two Together')
Pom Gets Wi-Fi (2018)   (Observatory "Gymnopedie No. 1")
Super X Chess (2018)   ("Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 in G, Movement 1 (Allegro), BWV 1049")
Unlikely Heroes (2018)   (''Investigations'')
7 Years from Now (2017)   (''White'')
Animality (2017)   (Music)
Astro Duel: Deluxe (2017)   (Music)
Card Quest (2017)   (Music by)
City Flow (2017)   (Incompetech)
Crimson Gray (2017)   (Music)
Death Squared (2017)   ("Delightful D")
Delicious: Emily's Moms vs Dads (2017)   ('Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy')
Demonheart (2017)   (Music by)
Disc Jam (2017)   ("Motivator")
Dumbass Drivers! (2017)   (Additional Music by)
Dungeon Chess (2017)   ('Water Lily')
Fergus The Fly (2017)   (Music "Hackbeat" [Levels])
Foxhole (2017)   (Additional Sounds: 'Long Note Two')
Ghostory (2017)   (Music)
OfficeBots: Reality Bytes (VR) (2017)   (Music)
Orbital Racer (2017)   (Music)
Out of the Park Baseball 18 (2017)   ("Take Me Out to the Ballgame")
Pepper's Puzzles (2017)   (Music)
Rogue Quest: The Vault of the Lost Tyrant (2017)   (Music by)
Sentience: The Android's Tale (2017)   ("Nights on the Docks" & "Clean Soul" by)
Shiver (2017)   ('Lone Harvest')
Steampunk Idle Spinner (2017)   (Music by)
Super Dungeon Boy (2017)   (8bit Dungeon Boss)
Train Frontier Classic (2017)   ('Vibe Ace')
Undertaker's (2017)   ('Airport Lounge')
Yet Another Zombie Defense HD (2017)   (Music)
3030 Deathwar: Redux (2016)   (Adventure Game Music)
The Adventures of a Rubber Ball (2016)   (Music Tracks)
Astro Duel (2016)   (Music)
ChromaGun (2016)   (Volatile Reaction, Local Forecast - Elevator)
The Deed: Dynasty (2016)   (1895)
Deiland (2016)   (Music)
The Dreamlord (2016)   (Music)
Dungeon Punks (2016)   (Music)
Exiled Kingdoms (2016)   (music tracks "Majestic Hills,Minstrel Guild ,Virtutes Instrumenti ,Relent,Anguish,Heart of Nowhere,Willow and the Light, Desert Town, Volatile Reaction,Undaunted,Nerves, Vulkan, The Complex,Decline")
Fallen Mage (2016)   (Music made by)
Flamebreak (2016)   (Sound and Music)
Fragments of Him (2016)   (Music)
Giant Machines 2017 (2016)   (Game Trailer Theme: Mechanolith)
Guardians of Victoria (2016)   (Music)
Headmaster (2016)   (Original Music)
Inventioneers (2016)   (The songs Easy Lemon, Bushwick Tarantella, Bassa Island Game Loop, Monkey Spinning Monkeys, Sock Hop, Call to Adventure are all made by)
Jo Fella's Gentlemen's Club (2016)   (Music Artists)
Magic Table Chess (2016)   (Music)
Monster Puzzle (2016)   ('Two Finger Johnny')
Particle Fleet: Emergence (2016)   (Music by)
Planet Revenge (2016)   (Music)
Rencounter (2016)   (Music)
The Secret of Middle City (2016)   (Music Composted by)
The Temple of No (2016)   (The Dancing Frog Song is Gold Rush by)
True Fear: Forsaken Souls - Part 1 (2016)   (Music)
12 Labours of Hercules III: Girl Power (2015)   (Music by)
12 Labours of Hercules II: The Cretan Bull (2015)   (Music by)
The Adventures of Mr. Bobley (2015)   (Music)
Beach Boys (2015)   (Music)
Brain It On! (2015)   (Music - 'Rolling At 5')
The Charnel House Trilogy (2015)   (Wounded, Dark Walk)
Cube Blitz (2015)   (Featuring music by)
Cube Escape: Case 23 (2015)   (Music)
Cube Escape: Harvey's Box (2015)   (Music by)
Cube Escape: Seasons (2015)   (Music by)
Cube Escape: The Lake (2015)   (Music by)
Cupid (2015)   (Music tracks)
Cyberpunk 3776 (2015)   (Music)
Drew and the Floating Labyrinth (2015)   ("Colorless Aura" Composed by)
Egyptian Senet (2015)   (GamePlay Music (Rites) by)
Hellrider (2015)   (Used track: "Club Diver", "RetroFuture Dirty", "Shiny Tech", "Video Dungeon Boss")
Kram Keep (2015)   ("Adventure Meme" by)
Mainland (2015)   (Music by)
Nocturne in Yellow (2015)   ("Fantasy A", "Metaphysik" and "Lomoto Perpetuo Loop" off
Out of the Park Baseball 16 (2015)   ('Take Me Out to the Ballgame' by)
Wave Mechanics (2015)   (Music)
Who Is Mike (2015)   (Music/SFX)
Witch Trainer (2015)   ("Anguish" by)
[/\||\/] (2014)   (Music by)
12 Labours of Hercules (2014)   (Soundtrack >> "Brightly Fancy")
Akabur's Princess Trainer (2014)   ("Spy Glass" by)
Akane the Kunoichi (2014)   (Music by)
Crimes & Punishments: Sherlock Holmes (2014)   (Ghost Story)
Cubot (2014)   (Music: "Wisps of Whorls")
Deadnaut (2014)   ("Bent and Broken" by)
Dwarf Tower (2014)   (Music)
Eschalon: Book III (2014)   (Music)
Fall Weiss (2014)   (Music)
Fearless Fantasy (2014)   (Music)
Find the Challenging Words (2014)   (Music: 'Easy Lemon')
Furry 2 Remake (2014)   (Music)
Hatoful Boyfriend (2014)   (Music)
I, Zombie (2014)   (Music)
Journal (2014)   (Music)
Legends of Solitaire: Curse of the Dragons (2014)   (Game Music)
Millennium 5: The Battle of the Millennium (2014)   (Music)
Mount Your Friends (2014)   (Music)
Mudlarks (2014)   (Music)
Peg Solitaire Saga (2014)   (Background music)
Pirate Dawn (2014)   (Additional Music by)
Pixel Scan (2014)   ("Mellowtron")
Probably Archery (2014)   (Music)
Santa Claus: The Lost Gifts (2014)   (Music by)
Secret Ponchos (2014)   ('Title Screen Music' was inspired by: 'Final Count' by)
Singsation (2014)   (Music)
Tassurus 3012 (2014)   (Big Rock by)
Venus Explorer (2014)   (Music)
Words for Evil (2014)   (Music by)
Zombeer (2014)   ('Pixel Peeker Polka - Faster')
Blood of the Werewolf (2013)   (Music)
Brainy Man (2013)   (Music)
Codename Cygnus (2013)   (Deck the Halls)
Drone Invaders (2013)   (Music)
Growtopia (2013)   (No Frills Cumbia by)
Joyful Executions (2013)   (Uses Music)
Magrunner: Dark Pulse (2013)   (Music)
Monkey vs Robots (2013)   ('Chee Zee Jungle')
Possible Worlds: The Ruby Realm (2013)   (Music & Sound (Frost Waltz, Serpentine Trek, Supernatural, Chee Zee Cave, Dragon and Toast, Night Cave, Pinball Spring) by)
Postmortem: One Must Die - Extended Cut (2013)   (Music by)
Puzzle Trooper (2013)   (Gagool & Exhilarate / Jingle Bells / Enchanted Valley)
The Stanley Parable (2013)   (Additional Music)
Stick it to The Man! (2013)   (Stringed Disco by)
Tales of the Orange Forest: The Grand Mayhem (2013)   (Music by)
TapBlox (2013)   (Background Music by)
Terranon Worlds (2013)   (Music by)
The Bridge (2013)   (Music)
Ultimate Drunken Warrior (2013)   (Title Music: 'Wah Game Loop')
X S.E.E.D (2013)   (Music)
Zafehouse: Diaries (2013)   (Audio/Sound Credits - Theme Music: 'Zombie Hoodoo' by)
Zombie Parking Lot (2013)   (Music by)
Beast Boxing Turbo (2012)   (Music)
Extra Terrestrials (Special Edition) (2012)   (Music "Five Armies")
The Fabulous Screech (2012)   (Also included: "Windswept" by)
Give Up (2012)   (Additional Music by)
Glean (2012)   (Music)
Homeward (2012)   (Music by)
Lair of the Evildoer (2012)   (Additional Music by)
Legends of Solitaire: The Lost Cards (2012)   (Music)
Sokoban Palace (2012)   (Music by)
S.P.Y. Words (2012)   (Song: Sneaky Snitch)
Strategic War in Europe (2012)   (Music)
The Suspense II (2012)   (Music)
The Suspense (2012)   (Music by)
Tap Jewels (2012)   (Background music by)
Teddy Defender (2012)   (Music by)
Temple of Dogolrak II: Monastery 40 000 (2012)   (Music)
Zombie Strippers Stole My Heart Then Ate My Brains (2012)   (Music)
The $1 Zombie Game (2011)   (Music)
ARMED! (2011)   (Music)
Beach Bubbles: Chapter 1 (2011)   (Musics)
The Book of Biblets: Part 1 - In the Beginning (2011)   (Theme: Wallpaper)
Borgia (2011)   (Additional Music)
The Bunny Game (2011)   (Music)
Christmas Wonderland (2011)   (Music by)
Danmaku Unlimited (2011)   (-Music- "In a Heartbeat")
Egress: The Test of STS-417 (2011)   (Music by)
The Hearts of Men: Throne of Deceit (2011)   (Music)
Hero's Adventure (2011)   (Music by)
Kerbal Space Program (2011)   (Written by)
LaserCat (2011)   (Music by)
Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset (2011)   (Music)
Saints Row: The Third (2011)   ("Pixel Peeker Polka" / "Spazzmatica Polka" by)
Time of Fury (2011)   (Music Artists)
Underground Mining Simulator (2011)   (Music)
Venator (2011)   (Music by)
Villagers & Heroes of a Mystical Land (2011)   (
Voodoo Whisperer: Curse of a Legend (2011)   ("Aftermath", "Darkest Child", "Distant Tension")
We Come In Peace (2011)   (Music)
Xtremes v/s Zombies (2011)   (Music by)
Ye Olde Hangman Game (2011)   (Musician)
Zombie Slaughter Is Fun (2011)   (With Music by)
Achievement Unlocked 2 (2010)   (Music by)
Air Aces: Pacific (2010)   (Music)
Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem (2010)   (CCLSA Trailer Videos Music)
Dark (2010)   (Music by)
Delve Deeper! (2010)   ('Interloper', 'Colossus' and 'Halls of the Undead' by)
Eschalon: Book II (2010)   (Music By)
Garden Simulator (2010)   (Music)
I Was a Vegas Showgirl (2010)   (Music by)
The Manly Game for Manly Men (2010)   (Music by)
Moonbase Alpha (2010)   (Music)
Old School Racer (2010)   (Music)
ShadowPlay (2010)   (Music)
Sushi Cat (2010)   (Music ["Ishikari Lore", "Tea Roots", "Cartoon Battle"] by)
Vampire Brides: Love Over Death (2010)   (Music by)
Vampire Rage (2010)   (Music)
Warbirds at Work (2010)   (Music)
Wizzley Presto and The Vampire's Tomb (2010)   (Music)
Word Attack Action (2010)   (Music by)
Yet Another Zombie Defense (2010)   (Music)
Your Doodles Are Bugged! (2010)   (Music: "Padanaya Blokov" and "Modern Jazz Samba" by)
Zombie Academy (2010)   (Music by)
Zombie Arena (2010)   (Music by)
The Adhara War (2009)   (Title & Shooting Gallery Themes)
Alice in Bomberland (2009)   (Music)
Cajun Cop: The French Quarter Caper (2009)   (Background Music)
Enter the Story: Volume 1 - Victor Hugo's Les... (2009)   (Other Principle Music)
Enter the Story: Volume 2 - Dante's Divine Co... (2009)   (Other Principle Music)
Gerbil Physics (2009)   (Music)
The Gravity Effect (2009)   (Music)
Real Crimes: Jack the Ripper (2009)   (Background Music)
Small Worlds (2009)   (Music by)
Super Mafia Land (2009)   (Music)
Wordzy (2009)   (Music)
Xeno Arena (2009)   (Music by)
Achievement Unlocked (2008)   (4 Beers Polka by)
Being (2008)   (Music: Exotic Battle, Monster Promenade, Netherworld Shanty, Radio Martini, Sovereign)
Bounty Killers (2008)   (Music by)
Circus Games (2008)   (Music For)
Dread Mac Farlane (2008)   (Music (Musiques))
Elements of Destruction (2008)   (Music)
The Hidden Prophecies of Nostradamus (2008)   (Music)
Post-Apocalyptic Unicorn Uprising (2008)   (Music by)
Aurora: The Secret Within (2007)   (Music by)
Caveman Survival (2007)   (Music by)
Eschalon: Book I (2007)   (Additional Music)
Frozzd (2007)   (Music by)
Babe (2006)   (Music)
Easter Bonus (2006)   (Music)
Xmas Bonus (2005)   (Music by)


Keep in Mind: Remastered (2018)   (Special Thanks)
Super X Chess (2018)   (Special Thanks)
Job Simulator: The 2050 Archives (2016)   (Special Thanks)
The Book of Biblets: Part 1 - In the Beginning (2011)   (Big Thanks to)
DCS: Black Shark (2008)   (Special Thanks)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.