Roger Dean

Game Credits


Tetris Ultimate (2014)   (TetrisĀ® Logo Design by)
Tetris: Axis (2011)   (Tetris Logo Design by)
Tetris Party (2008)   (Logo Designed by)
Sega Ages 2500: Vol.28 - Tetris Collection (2006)   (Logo Design by)
Tetris DS (2006)   (Logo Design)
Sega Tetris (2000)   (Tetris logo by)
Faceball 2000 (1992)   (Backgrounds)
Infestation (1990)   (Logo)
Spell Bound (1990)   (Title Lettering)
Obliterator (1988)   (Obliterator Logo)
Brataccas (1986)   (Graphics)

Creative Services

Tetris (2018)   (Tetris Logo Design by)
Shadow of the Beast (2016)   (Additional Artwork Designed by and Ā©)
Tetris (2008)   (Logo design by)
The Next Tetris (1999)   (Logo Design)
Agony (1992)   (Cover Art and Logo Design)
The Killing Game Show (1991)   (Cover Illustration)
Obitus (1991)   (Lettering )
Shadow of the Beast II (1991)   (Cover artwork by)
Awesome (1990)   (Logo and Lettering by)
Never Mind (1989)   (Design and Lettering by)
Shadow of the Beast (1989)   (Cover Picture by)
Stryx (1989)   (Design And Lettering)
Baal (1988)   (Design & Art Direction)
Chrono Quest (1988)   (The Chrono-quest cover illustration and poster)
Obliterator (1988)   (Obliterator Picture (Cover and Poster))
Barbarian (1987)   (Cover art by)
Terrorpods (1987)   (Cover illustration by)
Brataccas (1986)   (Cover)
Deep Space (1986)   (Cover illustration & logo by)


Puyo Puyo Tetris (2017)   (Tetris Logo Design by)

Developer Biography

Born in 1949 in England, Roger Dean is one of the most famous fantasy artists that emerged during the early psychedelic era. His work, frequently described as a "dreamy, other-worldly" landscapes, was frequently featured as the cover artwork for bands such as Yes and Asia.

In 1985 he was approached by Ian Heatherington of Psygnosis to design logo for the recently formed company, the result being what is now known as the "Owl" logo. However, his work would be also featured on some Psygnosis games (starting with Brataccas), as well as influencing the lettering and illustration style of many boxes during the Amiga era.

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