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Dave Hill

Game Credits


Hazen (2010)   (V.P. Systems)
D.W.A.R.F.S. (2009)   (V.P. Systems)
Perimeter II: New Earth (2008)   (V.P. Systems)
Galactic Dream: Rage of War (2007)   (V.P. Systems)
Great Invasions: The Darkages 350-1066 AD (2006)   (V.P. Systems)
Iron Warriors: T72 - Tank Command (2004)   (V.P. Systems)
Shadow Vault (2004)   (V.P. Systems)
Two Thrones (2004)   (V.P. SYSTEMS)
Chrome (2003)   (V.P. Systems)
Mistmare (2003)   (Vice President Systems)
Disciples II: Dark Prophecy (2002)   (V.P. Systems)
I of the Dragon (2002)   (V.P. Systems)
Legion (2002)   (V. P. Systems)
Steel Beasts: Gold Edition (2002)   (V.P Systems)
Crime Cities (2000)   (V.P. Systems)
Clans (1999)   (V.P. Systems)


Making History: The Calm & The Storm (2007)   (V.P., Systems)
War Times (2004)   (V.P. Systems)
Kohan: Immortal Sovereigns (2001)   (VP Systems)
Man of War II: Chains of Command (1999)   (Vice President Product Development)
Man of War (1997)   (Producer)


Submarine Titans (2000)   (V.P. Systems)


Superbike 2000 (2000)   (Bike Sound Effect Recording)
Man of War II: Chains of Command (1999)   (Voice Talents)
Man of War (1997)   (Sound)

Quality Assurance

Alien Blast: The Encounter (2003)   (V.P. Systems)
Man of War (1997)   (testing)

Creative Services

Man of War (1997)   (Documentation)
Solid Ice (1996)   (Documentation)


Gods: Lands of Infinity - Special Edition (2007)   (V.P. Systems)
Dangerous Waters (2005)   (V.P. Systems)
Chariots of War (2003)   (V.P. Systems)
Europa Universalis: Crown of the North (2003)   (V.P. Systems)
Europa Universalis (2000)   (V.P. Systems)


Solid Ice (1996)   (Support)


Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars (2007)   (V.P. Systems)
Culpa Innata (2007)   (V.P. Systems)
Exodus from the Earth (2007)   (V.P. Systems)
Jack Keane (2007)   (V.P. Systems)
Panzer Killer! (2007)   (V.P. Systems)
Penumbra: Overture - Episode 1 (2007)   (V.P. Systems)
1914: Shells of Fury (2006)   (V.P. Systems)
Birth of America (2006)   (V.P. Systems)
Space Empires V (2006)   (V.P. Systems)
Brigade E5: New Jagged Union (2005)   (V.P. Systems)
Cuban Missile Crisis: The Aftermath (2005)   (V.P. Systems)
Disciples II: Gallean's Return (2005)   (V.P. Systems)
Space Empires IV Deluxe (2005)   (V.P. Systems)
Supreme Ruler 2010 (2005)   (V.P. Systems)
Cops 2170: The Power of Law (2004)   (V.P. Systems)
Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire (2004)   (V. P. Systems)
Disciples II: Rise of the Elves (2003)   (V.P. Systems)
Galactic Civilizations (2003)   (V.P. Systems)
Legion Gold (2003)   (V.P. Systems)
Microsoft Train Simulator: German Railroads Volume... (2003)   (V.P. Systems)
Microsoft Train Simulator: Heidi-Express (2003)   (V.P. Systems)
Victoria: An Empire Under the Sun (2003)   (V.P. Systems)
Warrior Kings: Battles (2003)   (VP Systems)
Celtic Kings: Rage of War (2002)   (V.P. Systems)
Dino Island (2002)   (V.P. Systems)
Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs (2002)   (V.P. Systems)
Micro Commandos (2002)   (V. P. Systems)
Microsoft Train Simulator: German Railroads Volume... (2002)   (V.P. Systems)
Microsoft Train Simulator: Regional Add-On Pack: U... (2002)   (V.P. Systems)
O.R.B.: Off-World Resource Base (2002)   (V.P. Systems)
The Partners (2002)   (V.P. Systems)
Platoon (2002)   (V.P. Systems)
Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood (2002)   (V.P. Systems)
Diggles: the Myth of Fenris (2001)   (V. P. Systems)
Disciples: Sacred Lands - Gold Edition (2001)   (V.P. Systems)
Earth 2150: Lost Souls (2001)   (V.P. Systems)
Trainz: Virtual Railroading on your PC (2001)   (V.P. - Systems)
Patrician II: Quest for Power (2000)   (V.P. Systems)
Disciples: Sacred Lands (1999)   (V.P. Systems)

Developer Biography

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