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atari warlords

Stephen Robertson

Also Known As

  • SIR
  • S. Robertson
  • Steve Robertson

Game Credits


Independence War: Deluxe Edition (1999)   (Defiance Project Lead)
Down in the Dumps (1996)   (Project Manager's Assistant)
Gearheads (1996)   (Assistant Project Manager Europe)


Red Dead Redemption II (2018)   (Designers)
L.A. Noire (2011)   (Designers)
L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition (2011)   (Designers)
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (2009)   (Senior Multiplayer Level Designer)
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006)   (Senior Level Designers)
Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (2005)   (Level Design)
Bionicle (2003)   (Designers)
Independence War 2: Edge Of Chaos (2001)   (Design & Content Scripting)
Independence War: Deluxe Edition (1999)   (Defiance Game Design)
The Ren & Stimpy Show: Fire Dogs (1994)   (Designed by)
King Arthur's World (1992)   (Game Design)


America's Army: Proving Grounds (2013)   (Programmer)
Grand Theft Auto V (2013)   (Senior Scripters)
America's Army 3 (2009)   (Programmers)
America's Army: Special Forces (2003)   (Programmer)


Vortex (1994)   (3D Shape Design)
King Arthur's World (1992)   (Game Artwork)
Space Football: One on One (1992)   (Artwork By)
5th Gear (1988)   (Loading screen (uncredited))
Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine (1988)   (Graphics)
Eliminator (1988)   (Loading screen)
Golf Master (1988)   (Title Screen)
Marauder (1988)   (Loading screen)
Scorpion (1988)   (Loading screen)
Slayer (1988)   (Loading screen)
Blazer (1987)   (Graphics)
Exolon (1987)   (Loading screen)
I, Ball (1987)   (Loading Screen)
Imagination (1987)   (Loading Screen)
Tower Toppler (1987)   (Loading screen (US version))
Freak Factory (1986)   (Loading screen)
Harvey Headbanger (1986)   (Loading Screen)
Titanic: The Recovery Mission (1986)   (Artwork)
Twinky Goes Hiking (1986)   (Loading screen )
War Hawk (1986)   (Loading Screen)
Gribbly's Day Out (1985)   (Re-release loading screen)

Quality Assurance

Power Drome (2004)   (Additional Sheffield QA)
Alien Odyssey (1995)   (Quality Assurance)
FX Fighter (1995)   (QA / Testing)
Creature Shock (1994)   (QA)
Vortex (1994)   (QA and Testing)


The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça ... (2016)   (Backers)
Dreamfall Chapters (2014)   (Additional Backers)
Creature Shock (1994)   (Support)


Red Dead Redemption II (2018)   (Thank You)
Arcade Classics (1996)   (Tidings to...)


Race Drivin' (1993)   (Additional Contributions)

Developer Biography

There is no biography on file for this developer.

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