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atari kombinera

Ferry Halim

Game Credits


Casanova (2012)   (Game by)
The Hatchings (2011)   (Game by)
Drifting Afternoon (2009)   (Game by)
Sunny Day Sky (2008)   (Game by)
The Crossing (2007)   (Game by)
Winterbells (2006)   (Game by)
A Daily Cup of Tea (2005)   (By)
A Dog For All Seasons (2005)   (By)
Bugs (2005)   (Game by)
The Way Home (2005)   (Game by)
The Bird and the Sea (2004)   (Game by)
Floats (2004)   (Game by)
High Delivery (2004)   (By)
Monkeyslide (2004)   (Game by)
Starry Night (2004)   (Game by)
Wake Up Calls (2004)   (Game by)
Arctic Blue (2003)   (Game by)
Cats (2003)   (Game by)
Firedragon (2003)   (Game by)
Friends (Always Stick Together) (2003)   (Game by)
Hungry Spiders (2003)   (Game by)
Panda Run (2003)   (Game by)
The Pond (2003)   (Game by)
Rainmaker (2003)   (Game by)
The Runaway Train (2003)   (Game by)
Summer Walk (2003)   (Game by)
A Cupid's Day (2002)   (Game by)
The Bottom of the Sea (2002)   (Game by)
Bungee Bear (2002)   (Game by)
Fishball (2002)   (Created by)
Roperunner (2002)   (Game by)
The Snowrider (2002)   (Game by)
These Little Pigs (2002)   (Game by)
Windy Days (2002)   (Game by)
Hold the Rope! (2001)   (Game by)
MV-017 Metal Armor (2001)   (Game by)
Apple Season (2000)   (Game by)
Flight of the Season (2000)   (Game by)
Milk the Cow (2000)   (Game by)


Glitch Fixers: The Powerpuff Girls (2016)   (Developed by)
Carrot Track (2010)   (Game by)
An Early Spring (2002)   (Game by)
Bauns (2002)   (Game by)
It Takes Two (2002)   (Programming by)
What Comes Around (2002)   (Game by)
The Amazing Dare-Dozen (2001)   (Game by)
Among the Clouds (2001)   (Game by)
Bubble Bees (2001)   (Game by)
Bum Bum Koala (2001)   (Game by)
Chicken Wings (2001)   (Game by)
Cranky Crabs (2001)   (Game by)
Critical Zone (2001)   (Game by)
Hydrophobia (2001)   (Game by)
Midnight Serenade (2001)   (Game by)
The Perilous Voyage (2001)   (Game by)
Pocketful of Stars (2001)   (Programming by)
Silent Water (2001)   (Game by)
Snow-Bowling (2001)   (Game by)
Swordsman (2001)   (Game by)
The Three Monkeys (2001)   (Game by)
The Truth is Up There (2001)   (Game by)


It Takes Two (2002)   (Graphics by)
Pocketful of Stars (2001)   (Graphics by)

Developer Biography

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