Ivaylo Beitchev

Game Credits


Full Spectrum Warrior (2004)   (Senior Programmers)
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus (1998)   (Windows Conversion)


Sega Swirl (2000)   (Tremor Entertainment - developers:)

Developer Biography

My first job was as a Database programmer in Software Products & Systems - one of the biggest software companies in Bulgaria. I worked there from 1995 till 1997 and developed some database and office applications for DOS and Windows.

After that I spent 4 months in Haemimont Ltd as a multimedia programmer. I was working on some multimedia game projects for Windows 95.

From 1997 to 1999 I was working for Digital Dialect - a game company situated in Santa Monica, CA. I have been working on some projects for PC and SONY Playstation. My biggest projects there were porting Oddworld Abe's Exoddus from Playstation to PC and creating a video compression SDK called Masher.

Since 1999 I am working for Tremor Entertainment - a new and successful computer game company in Burbank, CA. Until now I ported the popular PC game Railroad Tycoon II to SONY Playstation and SEGA Dreamcast.

Last updated: Aug 16, 2005