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atari missile command

David John Rowe

Also Known As

  • David Rowe
  • David J. Rowe
  • DJR

Game Credits


Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions (2002)   (Art)
Whale's Voyage II: Die Übermacht (1995)   (Graphics)
Alfred Chicken (1993)   (Additional Graphics by)

Creative Services

Dark Universe: Hüter des Friedens (1995)   (Cover Artwork by)
The Clue! (1994)   (Cover artwork by)
James Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod (1993)   (Cover Artwork by)
King's Table: The Legend of Ragnarok (1993)   (Artist - Back Cover)
Lemmings 2: The Tribes (1993)   (Illustrations)
Bill's Tomato Game (1992)   (Cover Artwork by)
Risky Woods (1992)   (Cover Artwork by)
Shadow of the Beast III (1992)   (Cover Artwork by)
The Super Aquatic Games (1992)   (Package Illustration)
Populous II: Trials of the Olympian Gods (1991)   (Cover Art)
Flood (1990)   (Cover artwork by)
John Madden Football (1990)   (Cover Artwork by)
Pyramax (1990)   (Cover Artwork by)
3D-Pinball (1989)   (Cover Artwork)
Budokan: The Martial Spirit (1989)   (Cover Artwork by)
Chambers of Shaolin (1989)   (Cover Artwork)
Continental Circus (1989)   (Cover artwork by)
Kelly X (1989)   (Cover Artwork)
Micro Mouse (1989)   (Cover Artwork)
Populous (1989)   (Cover Illustration)
Populous: The Promised Lands (1989)   (Cover Illustration)
Chubby Gristle (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
Crosswize (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
IO (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
Pandora (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
Peter Beardsley's International Football (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
SkyChase (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
Speedball (1988)   (Cover illustration)
Tank Attack (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
Tetris (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
Will Harvey's Zany Golf (1988)   (Package Illustration)
Xarax (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
Centurions: Power X Treme (1987)   (Illustration)
Dark Castle (1987)   (Cover artwork by)
Deathscape (1987)   (Illustration)
Delta Patrol (1987)   (Cover Artwork (UK))
Dogfight 2187 (1987)   (Illustration)
Enterprise (1987)   (Cover Artwork (Mastertronic))
Gothik (1987)   (Cover Artwork)
Hybrid (1987)   (Illustration)
I Ball II (1987)   (Cover artwork by)
Kinetik (1987)   (Cover Illustration by)
Sky Shark (1987)   (Cover artwork by)
Tempest (1987)   (Cover Artwork)
Throne of Fire (1987)   (Cover illustration)
Unitrax (1987)   (Cover Artwork)
Yes Prime Minister: The Computer Game (1987)   (Cover Artwork (Mastertronic))
Bounces (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Chameleon (1986)   (Cover artwork by)
Dandy (1986)   (Cover artwork)
Dante's Inferno (1986)   (Cover Artwork by)
Explorer (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Fist: The Legend Continues (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Friday the 13th (1986)   (Cover Artwork (Bug Byte))
Hijack (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Infodroid (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Mindstone (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Prodigy (1986)   (Cover Artwork by)
The Sentry (1986)   (Cover illustration by)
Spindizzy (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Titanic: The Recovery Mission (1986)   (European Cover Artwork)
XARQ: The Zimmerman Trenches (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Xeno (1986)   (Cover Artwork)
Death Wake (1985)   (Cover artwork)
Glass (1985)   (Cover artwork)
Kung-Fu: The Way of the Exploding Fist (1985)   (Cover Illustration by)
Schizofrenia (1985)   (Cover Artwork)
SoftAid (1985)   (Artwork)
SoftAid (1985)   (Cover artwork)
Winter Sports (1985)   (Cover Artwork)
Dustman (1984)   (Cover Artwork)
Fred (1984)   (Cover artwork by)
River Raid (1984)   (Cover Artwork)
Sting 64 (1984)   (Cover Artwork)
Zombie Zombie (1984)   (Cover artwork)
Ant Attack (1983)   (Cover artwork)
Aquaplane (1983)   (Cover Artwork)
Bugaboo (The Flea) (1983)   (Cover artwork by)
Falcon Patrol (1983)   (Cover artwork by)
Frenzy (1983)   (Cover artwork by)
The Chess Player (1982)   (Cover Illustration by)


Greyfell: Legend of Norman (1987)   (Starlight Software would like to offer special thanks to the following without whose help and understanding the dream would not have been born)

Developer Biography

I obtained my B.A.(Hons.) degree in visual communication from Brighton Polytechnic, faculty of Art and Design and went on to Southampton College of Art to lecture in life drawing whilst establishing a career in illustration. I managed to sustain both avenues of work until 1984 when I gave up lecturing in order to pursue freelance illustration full-time. My earlier clients included: Quicksilva, Melbourne House, Interface Publications, Telecomsoft, Argus Press Software, Argus books, Mirrorsoft and Activision/Electric Dreams and I have produced cover artwork for titles like: Populous, Populous II, Aquatic Games, Risky Woods and Ferrari Formula I amongst others for Electronic Arts, Shadow of the Beast III, Bill`s Tomato Game and characterisations for Lemmings 2 for Psygnosis, James Pond Robocod and others for Millenium.

Other clients include: Virgin Games, Domark, Core Design, Microprose, U.S.D. Imagineer (Japan), Starbyte (Germany) and Neo Software Produktions (Austria) with whom I have been producing computer game graphics.In the area of publishing I have produced many magazine covers for Emap, Europress and Future Publishing. I have also produced a number of paper-back covers for Transworld/Corgi and, through my agent worked for publishers like Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins. I have produced a lot of material for the Television industry and provided a great many interior perspective paintings of dungeon interiors for the popular ITV children's programme "Knightmare". This work was initially for Anglia T.V. and later for Broadsword Television Productions for whom I have also provided illustrations for the programmes: The Satellite game, Timebusters and Cyberzone.

Source: Selected articles from Broadsword Interactive Official Website - Company - Directors


Last updated: Jun 18, 2003

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