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atari breakout

Celal Kandemiroglu

Also Known As

  • Celal
  • Celel Kandemiroglu

Game Credits


Sacred: Gold (2005)   (Graphics)
Sacred: Underworld (2005)   (Graphics)
Sacred (2004)   (Art Director, 2D Graphics and Texture, Design, Concept Sketches, Artworks)
Söldner: Secret Wars (2004)   (Additional Art)
Söldner: Secret Wars - Reloaded (2004)   (Additional Art)
Revenge of the Apes (2003)   (Additional in-game art by )
Emergency 2: The Ultimate Fight for Life (2002)   (Art Director)
Panzer Elite: Special Edition (2001)   (Cockpit Art)
Biing! 2: Sonne, Strand und heiße Nächte (1999)   (Artwork)
Panzer Elite (1999)   (Cockpit Art)
Emergency: Fighters for Life (1998)   (Graphics)
American Dream (1996)   (Artwork)
Gloriana (1996)   (Illustration)
Menateus (1996)   (3D Graphics)
Biing!: Sex, Intrigue and Scalpels (1995)   (Grafik und sexistische / Gestaltung)
Das Amt (1995)   (Artwork)
Talisman (1995)   (Grafik)
Der Planer (1994)   (Graphics)
Exploration (1994)   (Artwork)
Football Limited (1994)   (Graphics)
Mad News (1994)   (Graphics)
R.O.M. Gold: Rings of Medusa (1994)   (Graphics)
Eishockey Manager (1993)   (Graphics)
Elysium (1992)   (Graphics)
The Patrician (1992)   (Graphics Editor)
Crown (1991)   (Graphic by)
Masterblazer (1991)   (Additional Graphics)
Leavin' Teramis (1990)   (Additional Graphics)
Sunny Shine on the Funny Side of Life (1990)   (Graphics)
Thalion: The First Year (1990)   (Additional Graphics)
X-Out (1990)   (Atari ST Graphics by )
Zero Gravity (1988)   (Graphic)

Creative Services

Revenge of the Apes (2003)   (Cover art by)
Panzer Elite (1999)   (Cover Artwork)
Ocean Trader (1995)   (Graphics - Illustration)
Football Limited (1994)   (Cover artwork)
Mega Turrican (1993)   (Cover Artwork)
Elysium (1992)   (Cover Art)
No Second Prize (1992)   (Cover Artwork)
Stone Age (1992)   (Cover Artwork)
Fate: Gates of Dawn (1991)   (Box Painting)
Lethal Xcess: Wings of Death II (1991)   (Cover Artwork)
Monster Business (1991)   (Cover Artwork)
Turrican II: The Final Fight (1991)   (Package Artwork by)
Air Supply (1990)   (Cover Artwork)
Atomino (1990)   (Cover Artwork)
Big Busine$s (1990)   (European Cover Artwork)
Crime Time (1990)   (Cover Artwork by)
Domination (1990)   (Cover Artwork)
Dragonflight (1990)   (Cover and illustrations)
Dyter-07 (1990)   (Cover)
Legend of Faerghail (1990)   (Cover Illustration)
Lords of Doom (1990)   (Cover Artwork)
M.U.D.S.: Mean Ugly Dirty Sport (1990)   (Cover Art)
The Second World (1990)   (Cover Artwork by)
StarTrash (1990)   (Cover artwork by)
Tie Break (1990)   (Cover Artwork)
Turrican (1990)   (Cover Artwork)
U.S.S. John Young (1990)   (Cover artwork by)
X-Out (1990)   (Cover Artwork by)
Z-Out (1990)   (Coverartwork)
Berlin 1948 (1989)   (Cover Artwork)
Black Gold (1989)   (Coverartwork von)
Conqueror (1989)   (Cover Artwork)
Hard 'n' Heavy (1989)   (Cover Artwork)
Rock 'n Roll (1989)   (Cover-Artwork)
Spherical (1989)   (Cover artwork, manual illustrations)
Volleyball Simulator (1989)   (Cover art)
Katakis (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
Katakis (1988)   (Titelcover design by)
Spinworld (1988)   (Cover Artwork)
Zero Gravity (1988)   (Cover Artwork)


Mega Turrican (1993)   (Special Personal Regards to)


Sacred 2: Fallen Angel (2008)   (Core Team Additionals)

Developer Biography

Celal is originally from Turkey and has been busy in the German gaming industry for years. He has created most of the covers of "old" games coming from Germany and has created enough pictures on his own that he can pull out one for any theme.

Having started at a young age as a comic illustrator, he has also created covers for LP's, Videos, CD's and many computer magazines. Celal gave up his freelance work to join Wings Simulations full time. He now puts his full effort into creating cockpits of the player tanks.

Last updated: Feb 01, 2003

atari breakout