Jonathan Beard

Also Known As

  • Johnathan Beard

Game Credits


ATV Offroad Fury 2 (2002)   (Director of Product Development)
C-12: Final Resistance (2001)   (Director of Product Development, San Diego Entertainment Studios)
Bust A Groove (1998)   (Directors of Development)
Cool Boarders 3 (1998)   (Director of Development)


Xiaolin Showdown (2006)   (Executive Producer)
Rise of the Kasai (2005)   (Producer / Lead Designer)
The Mark of Kri (2002)   (Executive Producer)
Twisted Metal 4 (1999)   (Producers)
Blasto (1998)   (Producer(s))
Rally Cross 2 (1998)   (Director of Development)
Twisted Metal III (1998)   (Executive Producer)


Xiaolin Showdown (2006)   (Game Designers)
Rise of the Kasai (2005)   (Game Design)
The Mark of Kri (2002)   (Game Design)
Twisted Metal 4 (1999)   (Director of Development)
Blasto (1998)   (Game Concept)


Rise of the Kasai (2005)   (Script)
Twisted Metal 4 (1999)   (Storyline Scripting)
Blasto (1998)   (Dialogue)


Twisted Metal 4 (1999)   (Artists)

Creative Services

Aquanaut's Holiday (1995)   (Cover Illustration)


300: March to Glory (2007)   (Special Thanks)

Developer Biography

Jonathan Beard (Jay Beard) worked at Sony San Diego's first party development team as Director of Product Development. After creating The Mark of Kri, he left the company and formed BottleRocket Entertainment, Inc. in 2002 with some of his co-workers. Their first game was the follow-up Rise of the Kansai.

Last updated: Feb 28, 2006